NFL Combine

Written By: Daniel Britt

Staff Reporter

The NFL combine was another year of success for great upcoming pro athletes. Fans shocked and players proud to make their dreams come true. The combine started March 1st and went through March 4th.

On the second day of the combine, one of the best combine performances ever was by Ole Miss Wide Receiver (WR) D.K Metcalf. He is a 6’3, 228 lbs and rock solid. He had the 3rd best 40 yard dash time with a 4.33 behind Ohio State track star Parris Campbell who ran a 4.31. He had the most reps in bench pressing with 27 reps of 225 pounds. He stunned a lot of scouts and fans and is now a top target in the draft.

Lots of people were wanting to see Heisman winning quarterback Kyler Murray from the University of Oklahoma perform at the combine. Murray did not perform because he felt that he would be amazing and scouts would think he should switch his position at the pro level. Murray is projected to be the first overall pick in the NFL draft by the Arizona Cardinals.

Other good performances came from a lot of players. Zedrick Woods, the Running Back (RB) for Mississippi, ran the fastest 40 yard dash time this year with a 4.29. The fastest ever 40 yard dash was just broken in last years combine by WR John Ross as he ran a 4.22.

All of these players who were in the combine and even some who were not are trying to make the league and accomplish their dreams. The NFL draft is going to be held in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday, April 25th through Saturday, April 27th.

As excited as everyone is to see who their team will pick in the draft this year, there is so much talent.