Swim Team Splash Off

Written By: Carmelo Gullotta

Staff Reporter

It’s time for Liberty’s swim team to make their 2019 rounds. Students were excited for the intramurals that had started for the new season’s team.

The 2019 intramurals took place at the Multigen. They went from 2:30-3:30 every Wednesday and Friday. Everyone was welcome to participate and tryout.

“The environment is kind of laid back, but you gotta work hard and be open to instructions. Medium people attend the intramurals,” said Connor Steffensen (10).

Liberty’s swim team’s first meet of 2019 is on March 2nd. They take on Basic High School at Heritage Park Aquatic Complex. On April 13th they take part in the Las Vegas Spring Break Meet, and on May 6th they start Regional Prelims at UNLV.

“A lot of people are excited, especially me who is competing for the first time,” said Jacob Lutostanski (10).

Liberty’s previous season was not successful, but they did have a few regional finalists compete. One relay made their to regional finals as well.

“Previous season was pretty good, Liberty did pretty good in regionals. It was fun, a lot of hard work though. Based on the intramurals it is looking better because last year our boys team was lacking. It was harder to score points. If all the guys come out to try outs this year, the season could go better,” said Steffensen.

The coaches of the swim team are Carolyn Battin and Ms. Michelle Lawell. Ms. Lawell is also the photography teacher for Liberty. They are both very experienced swimmers and love to take part in Liberty’s swim team.

“They are both experienced coaches who know how to coach from their vast experiences. This affects me in that I am more effective as a swimmer, and last year I was able to progress far because of that,” said Steffensen.

“The coaches are very supportive answering any questions you may have,” said Lutostanski.

The students that take part in intramurals were ecstatic for the season to start. They believe they have a better squad than most, and they know their team is willing to put in the needed work.

Liberty swimmers are excited for the 2019 season to begin and hope to cause an upset to the other schools.