Patriots: Slam Dunk Season

Written By: Alyssa Manterola

Staff Reporter

To start off the season, Liberty’s basketball teams’ first home game was Wednesday, January 9th. All six teams played: Womens Freshman, JV, and Varsity, as well as Mens Freshman, JV, and Varsity. Since this game was the beginning of the season it was silent night. The whole point of silent night is for the crowd to be silent until our team scores their first 10 points. After that the crowd can be as loud and as rowdy as they want.  

That night of the men's varsity game, student council was handing out noise makers so that the moment we score 10 points the students could make as much noise as they pleased.

The visiting team for the first game of the season was Coronado High School. They are Liberty’s rivals; the two schools are always in competition. Before the game, Liberty and Coronado’s records were the same with one win and zero losses.

Coronado’s team had Jayden Hardy (10) on their line up. He is the third ranked 10th grader in the nation, and is ranked 9th in the country. Liberty has Julian Strawther (11) on their line up. Strawther is ranked as the 33rd Junior in the nation, he is the eighth straight forward in the nation, and is ranked second in Nevada behind Jayden Hardy who is ranked number one.

On the night of the game both Julian and Jayden scored an incredible amount of points just them by themselves. Julian scored a total of 30 points for Liberty, while Jayden scored 40+ points.

Liberty’s mens varsity basketball team is ranked 19th in Nevada while Coronado is ranked fifth.

The final score of the night was Coronado 97:Liberty 78. Coronado gave Liberty their first loss of the season but Liberty will have another chance at redemption when they play Coronado again on February 8th.