Kenyon Oblad

Written by: Daniel Britt

staff reporter


       Nevada’s high school passing yards record leader, Kenyon Oblad made his decision at the end of last season to commit to our hometown UNLV Rebels on a full ride scholarship and was named a “hometown hero” by his decision.

       “I am very happy with choosing UNLV and am very excited for what’s in store,” said Oblad.

       Oblad graduated early from Liberty last year to get a head start at UNLV and get to know the campus.

       Getting to know him a little, he was a four year starter as the varsity quarterback (QB). Oblad is doing very well at UNLV right now between school and Football.

       “I get most reps with second string at the moment and is still competing for the starting job,” said Oblad.

       Former Mountain West (MW) rookie of the year Armani Rogers is the “so called” starter right now as a sophomore. Oblad is on the UNLV roster 100%. He made the travel squad which means he will travel to all the away games. He enjoys all of his time there at UNLV.

       “The dorm life is awesome, meeting new people and everything, it’s a great experience and making a lot of friends,” said Oblad.

       Oblad thinks he is doing a good job right now between learning the offense and school.

       “I’ve learned 95% of the offense and have it down pretty well and that practices are very fast paced and high tempo. There isn’t a second wasted with distractions. So all and all i’m doing pretty good,” said Oblad.

       Kenyon seems like he is enjoying the college life and is working hard to be named the starter by sometime this season or the next.

       Liberty High has some more exceptional athletes like linebacker (LB) Kyle Beaudry(12) and safety (SS) Austin Fiaseu(12) who be joining Oblad next season in the UNLV locker room. All we can do is wait now and see what happens next at UNLV as they face USC this upcoming weekend (9-1-18) in California, it’s going to be a good one.