Team Captains: Winter Edition

Written By: Alyssa Manterola

Staff Reporter

Every team has a leader; the one who makes the calls to bring the team to victory. Every sport at Liberty High School has one captain, maybe more, depending on the coach.

On the football team, Coach Rick Muraco chose four boys to be team captain this season. The captains include Kyle Beaudry (12), Luke Toomalatai (12), Austin Flaseu (12), and Brandon Yates (12).

“I have been playing football since I was in 5th grade, and I am a 3 year varsity starter, ” Beaudry.      

These four boys brought the varsity football team a record of seven wins and six loses.

“Being a captain is a special privilege. It’s a huge deal to have your teammates and coaches believe and put their trust in you and to lead the group,” said Beaudry.

Another set of captains are the women's varsity volleyball team. The two captains were Abbie Johnson (12) and Sydnie Tuioti-Mariner (10).

Tuioti-Mariner has been a two year varsity starter and this is her first season being a captain. Johnson has been a four year starter on varsity, and it’s also her first year being captain. These two girls took Liberty’s Varsity team to the playoffs and won their first two games, making them the first women's volleyball team in Liberty history to make it past the first round in playoffs.

Liberty men's varsity soccer team had three captains this season. Angel Gilliand (12), Hayden Prasad (12), and Ivan Rodriguez (12).

“I’ve been playing soccer for 14 years, and was on varsity all four years,” said Prasad.

These three took the men's soccer team to the first round of playoffs with a record of 11 wins, eight loses, and one tie.

“Being a captain means being able to pick the team up when everybody else is down,” said Prasad.  

The goal for all varsity team captains is to be able to take their team to state. There are many definitions of a team captain, all it means is to be there for your team, win or lose.