Volleyball Playoffs

Written By: Alyssa Manterola

Staff Reporter

Liberty High School’s varsity volleyball team made it to playoffs this season, on the road towards a state ring. Although they didn’t have a strong start to their season, they did not give up. They brought their record from one win and 13 loses, to five wins and 13 loses. They went on a 4 game winning streak.

On the road to state in the playoffs, the first team Liberty played was Green Valley. Although Liberty took a loss to them during conference, that did not stop our Liberty girls from taking a win. Liberty won this game and it took them to quarter finals. LIberty's 2018-219 varsity team was the first team in all of Liberty volleyball history to win a playoff game.

Liberty played Green Valley on October 30th, at 6 p.m. The game took place at Green Valley’s gym. The game winning point was won by Aiyana Evans (10) as she served a ball and aced on Green Valley.

“Serving the game point is always the hardest part of a game. I am normally pretty relaxed serving in an average game but in playoffs, my heart was racing like no other. While I was serving, I stepped back and it felt like I had all the time in the world. After I served my teammates, coaches, and parents all ran to the court cheering” said Evans.

In the quarter finals Liberty played Desert Oasis, who during conference beat our Lady Patriots. Unbelievably, our Liberty girls pulled another win bringing them to semi-finals.

Liberty played Bishop Gorman in semi-finals. Bishop Gorman was some real competition. They’re number one in the state and number 10 in the nation. Liberty will play Bishop Gorman November 1st at 4 pm at Coronado High School.

Sadly, in the semi-final game Liberty Patriots took their first loss in the playoffs.

Jordyn Emmons (10) believes that they could have won that night.

“If our team wasn’t so stuck on social media and the talk between Gorman and uz, we definitely could have won, we should’ve. Once everyone was so caught up on the negativity, our heads weren’t in the right place. We couldn’t get the job done because we weren’t focused on the task at hand, Liberty was stuck on pride and being petty” said Emmons.

In the first set, the score was 25-7, giving Gorman the lead. Going into the second set, Gorman again won 25-9. In the third and final set, Liberty put up a fight and tried to take the game to four sets but could not keep up leaving the final score at 25-12.This kicked us out of finals and allowed Gorman to take their place in finals, becoming the 2018-219 state champions.