Flag Football Kicks Off The Season

Written By: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter

With the fall sports coming to an end, the winter sports are returning for another season.

            Flag Football has already geared up and has begun their training with  intramurals in mid October; their tryouts are on the 10th and 13th of November.

            Coming from a losing season where they didn't win any games, the girls’ only way to go is up.

            With only a few returning players, only some are able to show the team what the other Varsity Flag Football teams are about. From how tough the players are, what type of plays the other schools have up their sleeve, to how each school is on offense and defense.

             “The main goal for the season is to learn from our mistakes,” said Josie Rasamimanana (12).

“It can’t get any worse from last year...last year, the team definitely lacked rythme. This year, returning seniors and new coaches have been making a big push on sportsmanship and acting as a team to prevent the events from last year,” said Rasamimanana.

Their season starts very soon with their first game against Cimarron Memorial on Tuesday the 27th of November.  

“The biggest obligation is to compete. Every down, every play, every quarter, every game. We have have speed, we have intellect….all different kinds of talent and if we commit ourselves to competing, we’ll be okay,” said Head Coach Steven R. Fried            

              This season is their redemption season and an opportunity for them to showcase that Liberty isn’t a school to mess with.