2018 Wrestling Season Kickoff

Written By: Alyssa Manterola
Staff Reporter

Liberty High School’s wrestling team has been spending endless time in the wrestling room. All the boys are training to either lose or gain weight to make it into their weight division.

The boys on varsity are working on their technique and skill, putting in extra work to be able to represent Liberty High School at state this year.

Last year, varsity wrestler Jayden Rookhuyzen (10) represented Liberty at state. As a freshman last year, Rookhuyzen took Regional Finals, wrestling guys three years older than himself.

This year the varsity line up consists of Jayden Rookhuyzen (10), Kenny Marzola (11), Tehran Piza (10), Tyson Cuamba (9), David Scott (12), Jake Whiddon (12), Meagan Rivera (12), Marc Anthony (11), Derek Nua (12), Colten Pavlica (12), and a few others.

This season for Liberty’s wrestling team, there are 14 different weight divisions to wrestle in.

The varsity roster this year is stacked with girls and boy full of skill. The only girl on the team this season is Rivera.

     “Being the only girl is difficult sometimes but I still feel part of the team” said Rivera.

       There’s a lot to look forward to during this wrestling season.