Volleyball Update

Written By: Alyssa Manterola

Staff Reporter

The women's volleyball varsity roster is stacked with skill. During preseason, in the LVI tournament, they took 3rd place in silver division out of 20 high school teams.

During the conference season, although they have not had a great start with a record of 2-7, they are still fighting to get some wins to improve their record.

The women's volleyball team is ranked 54th in the state. Their kills per set stats are up there at 7.5 while the national hitting average is at 7.7. Their hitting average is blowing past the national average percentage with them at 7.7.

This year there is a brand new coaching staff. Coach Frederick Williams is the varsity coach.

“Everybody wants to go to win state, my goal is to bring out the best in everyone of my players,” said Coach Williams.

There are five seniors on the team this year, it’s their last year playing high school volleyball. Oceana Clemen (12) has been on varsity for all her four years. She will not be continuing her volleyball career in college. She is very sad that this is her last year playing high school volleyball.

“To leave a legacy,” said Clemen. Senior night for them is on Monday October 22nd, and is also the last home game of the season. This game is against Bishop Gorman; Bishop Gorman's record in the conference is 5-0.

The most current game that took place was Thursday October 4th. It was a home game against Silverado High School. It was an intense game going head to head. In the first set, Silverado High School won but Liberty High School did not give up. They came back and took the game to four sets. Liberty won everyone of the sets after that.

One highlight from the game was when Jordyn Emmons (10) banged line, scoring a point for Liberty. The final highlight was when Brylie Brewer (12), as a middle, was set when the score was 24-22 and hit the ball off the block and it flew out and the final score was 25-22. Liberty won the game after four sets.