Division 2: Is It Worth It?

Written By: D’Khari Boggess

Staff Reporter

The Division 2, a sequel to The Division has  arrived and is better than ever. Before we dive into details and overview of Division 2, let us play catch up. The Division was released March 8th, 2016 worldwide to the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The Division was created and developed by Tom Clancy who is responsible for other games like the critically acclaimed Rainbow SIx Siege and the Ghost Recon series.

The Division is a third person RPG shooter game that combines tactical strategies and player based skill.

Based in New York City, The Division are sleeper agent cells placed Nationwide and are the “Last Line” of defense aside from the police, military, and army.

The the Division were sent into action after a major outbreak of smallpox.The disease was so lethal it killed hundreds of thousands of people within New York City.The crisis quickly became out of control and Division agents were called to regain control of the city and bring order.

The disease was since eradicated but a strain of the virus being held in a government lab was stolen and reproduced by a mad scientist. He died due to his own creation and everyone suffered from the effect.

The disease was spread via money and got around very quickly with over half of the population dying as a result of not having  enough medicine to cure the infected.

The Division were called in when looters and chaos erupted in the city, and dangerous, lethal gangs started to form out of the ensuing chaos.

Division 2 was released on March 18th, 2019. Seven days and  three years after its predecessor The Division.

Division 2 was well received and learned from it’s avoidable mistakes they never bothered to fix in the first installment of Division.

The Division 2 is set in a post-apocalyptic Washington,Dc. The environment inside the city was overgrown by nature taking its  natural course with the occasional deer and other animals being spotted while roaming around the massive city.

The city was crawling with enemies of different factions and the president’s White House had been transformed into a Base Of Operations for your division agent.

Coming from a different part of the countryside in Virginia to combat the threats and dangers of the capital city.

The president was missing, his plane was shot down flying over an unknown location by a heavily armored battalion of ex-military troops that were molded into a ruthless gang.

The president was last reported alive and must be found at all costs, and your division agent was tasked to team up fight the threats of the city and find the president.

As you progress through the game and it’s ever so evolving level system, you unlock powerful weapons, rewards, and game changing tech that could level the playing field.

You being an agent meant you had access to tech the public had no clue it existed. Like seeker mines that explode into fire or leap in the air and explode.

The Division 2 keeps reality in check with real life like physics. Gun fights can be overwhelming and deadly if you don’t take cover or budget your ammo. Noting this game is a tactical shooter means you are more prone to dying if you like to run and gun or rush.

Division 2 has two different kinds of combat that your player can or would engage in. PVP (Player v. Player) where you are pitted against another real person playing the game. Or you can play PVE (Player vs. Enemy) which is the AI the developers have implemented into the game that real life players can fight against together or alone.

Being a standalone game with DLC(Downloadable Content) it comes with a base price of $59.99 for the standard version or the steelbook version for $109.00 that includes the first season of DLC.