Written By: Shannon Clark-Ortiz

Staff Reporter

The newest superhero movie to hit the theaters premiered on April 5, 2019. This was a DC production featuring the story of a young boy named Billy (Asher Angel) who is granted superpowers and transforms into a strong, muscular adult (Zachary Levi). Billy, who was granted the power of shazam, is pursued by the evil Doctor Sivana (Mark Strong), a man who was rejected as a candidate to inherit the power of shazam.

Throughout the film, the audience is faced with many amazing characters with in-depth backstories, amazing action-packed scenes, and fitting adventurous music. The characters are interesting and fit well with the actors that play them. Although at times the comedy aspect can be a little cheezy, it is filled with many entertaining moments that fill the theater with smiles and laughs.

Overall, Shazam is a fun filled action movie great for families. Shazam stays true to the classic superhero while also adding unique plot twist which bring the characters to life and gives them their own personalities.