On My Block

Written By: Zoe Gamboa

Staff Reporter

SPOILERS AHEAD - A popular teenage Netflix show, On My Block, just recently came out with their second season. The cliffhanger of the suspicious shooting at Olivia’s quinceanera in the last episode of season one left fans wanting more.

In season two, Ruby struggles with a form of PTSD from the party, and grieves his cousins death. Along with his best friends: Monse, Cesar and Jamal. After the Rollerworld money was found under Freeridge grounds, Jamal keeps an obsessive eye over it. Bouncing it around between the tight group of friends homes. After a while, a chain of bad events happened involving the money, which led Jamal and Ruby’s grandmother to believe that the money is cursed.

While Cesar is having problems with his older brother, Oscar, Monse, Ruby and Jamal believe that the money can potentially be enough to get him far away from town and eventually out of the gang life. But before that, they have to clean the money so no one suspects that it’s illegal or “dirty money”.

Monse reunites with her mother, (Selena but changed it to Julia as a new identity), and develops a strong relationship with her. She starts to spend more time in Brentwood during the week and her mom later asks her to movie in permanently. She takes up the offer and tells Cesar, Ruby and Jamal about it. All of them are happy for her except Cesar, so he gives her an ultimatum. Either to go live in Brentwood but not be together, or stay in Freeridge as a couple. She is torn from this decision she has to make and decides that living with her mom in a safe town, is the best option. Towards the end, Oscar and Cesar’s fate eventually catch up to them.

Overall, you really see character development and how they cope with their individual hardships.