Captain Marvel

Shannon Clark-Ortiz

Staff Reporter

Captain Marvel is the second major Hollywood movie to show a female superhero as its main protagonist. The Main protagonist, Carol Danvers, battles evil all while trying to find out the mysteries of her past. This is a basic but enthralling story featuring the journey of Carol becoming Captain Marvel.

The Production, directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, features actionpacked scenes and a better understanding of the Marvel universe. Many familiar characters like Nick Fury and Phil Coulson are reintroduced as their younger selves. The audience is given a deeper understanding of the two characters while being introduced to new characters like Maria, Carol’s best friend.

Overall, the movie gives incite on our new female superhero that is soon to join the Avengers, and we are all waiting to see what will become of her in the upcoming movie Avengers: Endgame.