Shane Dawson's Conspiracy Theories

Written By: Makanalei Kaeo


If you are living in the 21st century you would know about Shane Dawson and his monumental docuseries. Some would consider him the modern day Michael Moore or Charlie Chaplin.

Shane’s most recent project is a 2 hour long conspiracy theory video. Before becoming a big documentarian, Shane was known for his conspiracy videos. He brought things like the Mandela effect to people’s attention and questioned a lot of things as well.

In this video he touched on things such as iPhone theories, digital enhanced facial replacement, the California wildfires, and subliminal messaging in cartoons. These are pretty deep topics that he touched on.

One conspiracy that stuck out to people the most was his iPhone theories. Just these past couple weeks it came to light that when you Facetime someone, even if you reject the call there are still ways for them to listen in. This freaked out a lot of people, mainly iPhone users. Although Dawson didn’t outright address the issue he talked about ones similar to it. Like their live camera feature and Siri listening to everything.

Then he went on to explain the theories behind the Woolsey fires that occurred in California. One theory was that the fires were intentional because of the way the aftermath looked. Another was that the Woolsey fire was used as a distraction from the Campfire that happened somewhere else in California and was far more deadly. Lastly the most convincible conspiracy was that it was intentionally started to get insurance money on homes. Many thought this was a reach in all aspects and it was a simple wildfire that occurs a lot in California.

He then touched on the topic of “deep fakes” that were getting very advanced. He was explaining the  consequences if these aren’t put under control. He even went to the extent of a war breaking out. Of course these are all theories but they bring very valid points.

The subliminal messaging conspiracy he talked about was a tad bit too dark for some of his young audience. But it just brought attention to something that went under the radar for a very long time.

His second video focused on three topics in particular: Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza, the relationship of a fellow youtuber, and a new voice modifying app.

Chuck E. Cheese is known for many things, their pizza included. But Shane Dawson recently exposed speculations about their pizza. That speculation being Chuck E. Cheese takes uneaten pizza from tables and pieces them together to make a new pizza. The unevenness and different sizes of the pizza slices seem to be the biggest piece of evidence. Since the video Chuck E. Cheese has denied these allegations.

The next two topics were a tad bit too taboo to include but both taught very important lessons.

These videos were not made to invoke paranoia but instead shed light and raise awareness. It is up to you how you take it.