2018 Bops

Written By: Makanalei Kaeo


This year has left an impact in terms of music and the variety of music. There was a large spike in different genres this year, and it shows in multiple charts. Here are some of the most memorable.

Unsurprisingly Drake took the number one spot on 2018 Billboard’s Hot 100 with his hit “God’s Plan”. Released in January of last year, it soon became a big time song that was stuck in people’s heads for months on end.

Following suit was Ed Sheeran’s, “Perfect”. In 2017 Ed topped the chart with his song “Shape of You”. Even with his hiatus it shows that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Post Malone seemed to be a name that kept coming up this year in the music world. With his record breaking songs like,
“Rockstar”, “Psycho”, and “Better Now”. He definitely left his mark on the industry and he won’t be forgotten.

This was also a big year for up and coming artists like Khalid, Ella Mai, and Billie Eilish. Ever since Khalid’s smash song, “Location” he has been making it harder to not consider him one of the best artists of this generation. Ella Mai is a new contemporary R&B artist who blew up with her song “Boo’d up”. It is evident her talent will only flourish from here on out. Billie Eilish who has been on the scene for a while is beginning to show the world who she is and what she is capable of. Her genre leans more towards a soft pop. It tugs on the heart strings of many who listen to her.

This year was also a year of comebacks. In the fall, Eminem made a big bounce back with his surprise album, “Kamikaze”. After receiving a lot of criticism for his last album “Revival” he came back to tell his critics that he is just as prevalent as he was in the early 2000’s.

I would keep an eye for C-Pop and their artists. They have made a mark this year and a big one for that matter. Artists like Lay Zhang and Jackson Wang are dabbling in western music and it shows promising results.

We can’t talk about 2018 music without mentioning the epidemic that is K-Pop. Although K-Pop was big elsewhere it really began to make an impact in the US. That is due to the recent success of the boy group BTS. Before BTS some artists that were very successful in the US was PSY and Big Bang. But in 2018 the K-Pop has experienced a surge of fans in the west. From the way it’s looking it seems as though it will only get bigger from here.

Let us know some of your favorite songs of 2018 and your predictions of who will conquer 2019!