Ralph Breaks the Internet

Written By: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter


Coming out on November 21st, 2018, is a Disney movie that incorporates all of their stories into one. The academy award nominee Wreck It Ralph is finally getting a squeal called Ralph Breaks the Internet.

       After Ralph and Vanellope saved their games in the first movie, watchers are greeted with Ralph and Vanellope finding out that they are able to travel to the internet.

       They make their trip there and are amazed by this whole new world in front of them. Many apps, games, and even the annoying pop up ads that say you won something is included.

      Ralph and Vanellope end up finding this racing game which to their unliking, all the characters don't accept them. To show that Vanellope is also a racer, she ends up racing the top character and beats them at their own game.

       Vanellope wants to find the most super intense and nuts website out there. They end up going to Disney. Put in the Disney world, Vanellope meets all the other Disney princesses.  

       This part of the trailer has sparked a lot of buzz around the real life internet cause this is the first time that all princesses have been in the same scene and room in all of Disney history.

       “I'm just so excited to see all the Disney princess all in one room together,” Ashley Alvarado (10).

       The media has been very excited for this movie release since the day it was announced it was getting a sequel. Some people though have had very different opinions of the release of this film.

       “The first movie was cool and all but I just wasn't fascinated with it,” said Maurice Hampton (11) on why he wouldn't want to go and see it.

       Nonetheless, with over 15 million views on the first official trailer, it is expected to be a big hit and even earn more than the first movie did on the first weekend.