Escape Rooms

Written By: Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

To get into the spooky spirit of October, I spent my Sunday morning checking out a local escape room in the area.

The location I picked was “Rush to Escape”. It is one of the few escape rooms in the Henderson area (considering that the majority of them are on the strip). From Liberty High School it is only a 14 minute drive.

Pricing is also pretty decent, with $35.00 per head. As my group was a total of 3 people, we had a total of $105. Which is comparatively cheaper compared to most escape rooms. Each room requires a minimum of 3 people per group and a maximum of 8 people. And each room is timed at 60 minutes.

Immediately after entering the venue, you notice the great ambience of the front room. Lots of fun colors and patterns like orange and brick. On the right, there is a flat screen TV playing a slideshow of pictures of the room options available. And on the left hand side there is a great area full of complimentary items - a popcorn machine and a Kureig machine.

Before entering your room, you are greeted by a member of the staff who’ll make you sign a liability sheet beforehand. And soon you’re whisked away to the escape room you booked.

Personally, my group and I went for the easiest room (as described on their official site), the Prison Break room. There are 2 other rooms available (an inspired heist room and a Sherlock Holmes inspired one) if you’d like to go for something harder.

To set the scene of the ‘Prison Break’ escape room, you’ve gotten locked up in prison after a successful heist that ended with an accomplice double crossing you by turning you into the police. The prison is notorious for its foolproof security with only one group of inmates ever escaping, that being 16 years ago. Fortunately, you know a man on the outside who manages to make arrangements for you to move to these abandoned cells that have been once escaped from. However, he can only buy an hour for you to go through with your escape plan.

To not spoil the whole game I’ll only go over the story’s starting point. You start off in a room with two prison cells. How your party is distributed into the cells depends on the number of people in the group. Since we were a group of 3, we had 2 in one cell and one in the other.

Once you’re locked into the cells, you are then handcuffed to the bars of the cell. And from there you have to work together to get out of your handcuffs and navigate your way out of the cell and the other puzzles you’ll face.

My group spent a good 10 to 15 minutes just on figuring out how to remove the handcuffs so we were pretty worried about how we were going to manage the rest of our time. But, luckily enough at all times you have a staff member who is overseeing the whole operation to walk you through all the puzzles with hints on the speaker.

Experiencing an escape room is definitely a good way to kick off the month of October that everyone should consider.