Bonnie Screams

Written By: Joseph Gallegos

Staff Reporter

The Halloween season is officially underway in the Las Vegas valley. With Fright dome being a no-go this year, many people crave haunted attractions in Vegas.

Look no further than Bonnie Screams, which most know as, Bonnie Springs.  

15 minutes outside of Vegas, Bonnie Screams puts you right in the Red Rock Desert.  

It offers multiple haunted houses, along with a zombie paintball bus. You board the bus and travel through the Red Rock desert. You will be given a paintball gun and will shoot through the windows to keep the zombies away.

Entering its 11th year, Bonnie Screams will be open October 4th-31st.

With no Fright Dome this year Bonnie Screams hopes to be the #1 Halloween attraction in the valley.