Ice Skating at the Cosmopolitan

Written By: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter

Winter in Las Vegas is finally here and the city is starting to bring in the winter festivities.

            One of the traditional winter celebrations is ice skating and the rink at the Cosmopolitan is the perfect place to go.

The Cosmopolitan turns it’s swimming pool into a somewhat of a winter wonderland that fits for the season. With the weather being just the right temperature and even having heaters with a seating area for the guest if they don't want to skate.

Starting prices to skate is only ten dollars, they give you just more than a deal.

            The skates range in all men’s sizes and are easy to walk in, contrary to what you see on television.

           There are multiple things to do as well if you don't feel like skating. There is a pool table, air hockey, and even a place to lounge and watch some tv.

           Although, to be able to skate you must sign a waiver form but a parent or guardian has to sign off on. Unless of course you are above the age of 18.

           The Cosmo put on a great time for their guest and the staff is just wonderful. Before winter ends, make sure to visit it and make some long lasting memories with the ones you care for.


The Grinch: Hit or Miss?

Written by: Shannon Clark-Ortiz

Rookie Reporter

Narrated by Pharrell Williams, Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch, released on November 9, 2018, elaborates on Dr. Seuss' classic book about the Christmas-hating Grinch, voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch. The new take on this classic tale takes you on an adventure to steal Christmas from the Who’s in Whoville.

You’re reintroduced to your favorite childhood characters like the mean Mr. Grinch and kind hearted Cindy Lou Who, as well as new characters like Fred the oversized reindeer and Cindy Lou’s trusted friend Goopert.

The animation adaptation is filled with beautiful and bright illustrations and artistry accompanied by music fitting of each scene. The characters were well developed and each had a more in-depth background story than in previous versions of the story. Everything for the scenery to the characters just comes to life. It is a wonderful and magical Christmas tale that everyone should see.

EXO Comeback: Don't Mess Up Their Tempo

Written By: Makanalei Kaeo


After a year of waiting, EXO has finally come back with their diverse album Don’t Mess Up My Tempo.

EXO is a South Korean boy group under SM Entertainment. The 9 member group is very renowned in Korea and are even considered the Nation’s Representative by many, including President Moon (South Korean President).

The previous album before this was The War, which was released July of 2017. Afterwards they went on a year long hiatus, leaving their fans anxious and waiting for their come back.

When the teasers dropped in the beginning of October 2018, fans everywhere went crazy. It was announced they would return on November 2nd.

As soon as pre-order was available many did. Don’t Mess Up My Tempo broke records before it was even released. The album became the most pre-ordered album in Korea with over a million sales. This made EXO quintuple million sellers, which has never been done before in KPOP history. They have also recently accomplished a record of 10 million cumulative album sales, which is the most that any artist of the 21st century has accomplished.

Many fans were also excited because it was revealed that Lay (Zhang Yixing), would be participating in this comeback. After almost 2 years of solo work, he would be returning.

The concept of the album is an abstract one. All their albums play into one another in some way and this one was no different. The boys would return to the red cube after just escaping.

Their title track Tempo is a very different kind of genre from most. They included a variety of sounds. The most talked about part was the bridge. In the bridge they did something that was never even considered before. They gave an acapella bridge. No group in KPOP history has done this before so it shows how different and unique EXO is from most groups.

Compared to many of their other title tracks, Tempo is definitely one to remember.

The album was filled with many kinds of genres ranging from EDM to ballads. Here is a breakdown of the setlist:

Sign is a very upbeat track with a distinct kind of beat. It’s a kind of song that EXO hasn’t tried yet but somehow seemed to do effortlessly.

Ooh La La La is a very slow song with a kind of Latin vibe. The vocals in the song play well with the raps. This a title track worthy song.

Gravity gives off an 80’s vibe with the beat and music. It’s a song that would have done well with The War.

With You is very different from a lot of the other songs off the album. The music is just very consistent and has a futuristic feel to it.

24/7 gives you a jazz and R&B vibe. It is very catchy and has an addictive chorus. You can’t help but move to this song when you hear it.

Bad Dream starts off as a soft kind of song but quickly goes into another upbeat, lively song. It displays EXO’s vocal line well.

Damage is an off the bat, very hardcore song. From the beat to the raps, it is evident this song was meant to play while working out.

Smile On My Face is a softer song that plays around with their vocals. It could be considered a ballad, which is something EXO majors in when it comes to music. The meaning behind the song is deep as well. It really shows a softer side of the album.

Oasis is another soft kind of song that leans more toward vocals. The beat is different from the rest and has a lot of changes that makes it unique. The chorus is another catchy one, that you can’t help but sing along to.

Overall the album was different from anything you have seen thus far in the KPOP industry. It has been a known routine for EXO to comeback big and waiting a year just made it more anticipated and more appreciated.

Stream tempo!

Escape Rooms

Written By: Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

To get into the spooky spirit of October, I spent my Sunday morning checking out a local escape room in the area.

The location I picked was “Rush to Escape”. It is one of the few escape rooms in the Henderson area (considering that the majority of them are on the strip). From Liberty High School it is only a 14 minute drive.

Pricing is also pretty decent, with $35.00 per head. As my group was a total of 3 people, we had a total of $105. Which is comparatively cheaper compared to most escape rooms. Each room requires a minimum of 3 people per group and a maximum of 8 people. And each room is timed at 60 minutes.

Immediately after entering the venue, you notice the great ambience of the front room. Lots of fun colors and patterns like orange and brick. On the right, there is a flat screen TV playing a slideshow of pictures of the room options available. And on the left hand side there is a great area full of complimentary items - a popcorn machine and a Kureig machine.

Before entering your room, you are greeted by a member of the staff who’ll make you sign a liability sheet beforehand. And soon you’re whisked away to the escape room you booked.

Personally, my group and I went for the easiest room (as described on their official site), the Prison Break room. There are 2 other rooms available (an inspired heist room and a Sherlock Holmes inspired one) if you’d like to go for something harder.

To set the scene of the ‘Prison Break’ escape room, you’ve gotten locked up in prison after a successful heist that ended with an accomplice double crossing you by turning you into the police. The prison is notorious for its foolproof security with only one group of inmates ever escaping, that being 16 years ago. Fortunately, you know a man on the outside who manages to make arrangements for you to move to these abandoned cells that have been once escaped from. However, he can only buy an hour for you to go through with your escape plan.

To not spoil the whole game I’ll only go over the story’s starting point. You start off in a room with two prison cells. How your party is distributed into the cells depends on the number of people in the group. Since we were a group of 3, we had 2 in one cell and one in the other.

Once you’re locked into the cells, you are then handcuffed to the bars of the cell. And from there you have to work together to get out of your handcuffs and navigate your way out of the cell and the other puzzles you’ll face.

My group spent a good 10 to 15 minutes just on figuring out how to remove the handcuffs so we were pretty worried about how we were going to manage the rest of our time. But, luckily enough at all times you have a staff member who is overseeing the whole operation to walk you through all the puzzles with hints on the speaker.

Experiencing an escape room is definitely a good way to kick off the month of October that everyone should consider.

Bonnie Screams

Written By: Joseph Gallegos

Staff Reporter

The Halloween season is officially underway in the Las Vegas valley. With Fright dome being a no-go this year, many people crave haunted attractions in Vegas.

Look no further than Bonnie Screams, which most know as, Bonnie Springs.  

15 minutes outside of Vegas, Bonnie Screams puts you right in the Red Rock Desert.  

It offers multiple haunted houses, along with a zombie paintball bus. You board the bus and travel through the Red Rock desert. You will be given a paintball gun and will shoot through the windows to keep the zombies away.

Entering its 11th year, Bonnie Screams will be open October 4th-31st.

With no Fright Dome this year Bonnie Screams hopes to be the #1 Halloween attraction in the valley.


The Nun

Written By: Joseph Gallegos

Staff Reporter

With the Halloween season here fanatics of Halloween wonder, what movies could some enjoy during the Halloween season?

One of the top 2018 horror films is the Nun (Corin Hardy). If you loved the movie the Conjuring (James Wan), this movie feels very similar.

Without spoiling too much, The Nun is about a young Nun taking her life in Romania. A priest and novitiate risk their lives by investigating her death.

During the investigation, expect pop-ups and other scares that will have you jumping out your seat.


Ralph Breaks the Internet

Written By: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter


Coming out on November 21st, 2018, is a Disney movie that incorporates all of their stories into one. The academy award nominee Wreck It Ralph is finally getting a squeal called Ralph Breaks the Internet.

       After Ralph and Vanellope saved their games in the first movie, watchers are greeted with Ralph and Vanellope finding out that they are able to travel to the internet.

       They make their trip there and are amazed by this whole new world in front of them. Many apps, games, and even the annoying pop up ads that say you won something is included.

      Ralph and Vanellope end up finding this racing game which to their unliking, all the characters don't accept them. To show that Vanellope is also a racer, she ends up racing the top character and beats them at their own game.

       Vanellope wants to find the most super intense and nuts website out there. They end up going to Disney. Put in the Disney world, Vanellope meets all the other Disney princesses.  

       This part of the trailer has sparked a lot of buzz around the real life internet cause this is the first time that all princesses have been in the same scene and room in all of Disney history.

       “I'm just so excited to see all the Disney princess all in one room together,” Ashley Alvarado (10).

       The media has been very excited for this movie release since the day it was announced it was getting a sequel. Some people though have had very different opinions of the release of this film.

       “The first movie was cool and all but I just wasn't fascinated with it,” said Maurice Hampton (11) on why he wouldn't want to go and see it.

       Nonetheless, with over 15 million views on the first official trailer, it is expected to be a big hit and even earn more than the first movie did on the first weekend.