School IDs: Helpful or Annoying?

Written By: D’khari Boggess

Staff Reporter

The importance of your school ID is unparalleled, it can actually be very useful and could help you in many situations.

If you have a credit or debit card in your own name,when you go to buy something they may ask for a form of ID to purchase the product, year school ID is a valid form of ID and is commonly used by high school and some middle school students.

School ID’s may not seem useful to some people because they may not have a credit or debit card but it’s still important say the least.

ID stands for Identity and it is used for protection and verification purposes.

This is why you need it for driving or to buy certain items depending on where you might shop.

Giving high school and middle school and even elementary school students their own identification card is actually a good habit to help them prepare them for the real world.

School ID’s aren’t as prevalent as a state ID considering it only displays the name of your school, a little picture of you, and your grade but is still helpful.

You may be wondering if schools do this just because or they want to start a habit of having a form of identification for each student at that school.

Sure they do this in other states but in the state of Nevada every public school in the CCSD (Clark County School District)’s rule is required to photograph every enrolled student and print them an id card after.

One example or an id importance is if you want piercings or tattoos from professional companies such as Diversity.

Before you even get the permission papers for them to do anything to they need a form of identification from you and your parent/guardian without it they cannot proceed with anything.

They make a copy of your id and hand you your original one back,this is a good example to display because if you wanted to get your nose pierced or get a tattoo they might ask for a form of ID from you and your parent or guardian if you are under 18.

Some schools actually require you to always carry your ID card with you everyday you attend school.

The reason being is for student’s safety and to show any administration that you attend this school.

Anyone without their ID gets one printed by the librarian and is charged a $7.00 fine to their student account under that person’s account that has to be paid in order to graduate from any school in the Clark County District.

Personally i feel like this is smart yet dumb for some schools to do only because we are only human and we may forget to bring our identification card with us.

This system that fines you for not having your ID or even RPC’ing you (Required Parent Teacher Conference) preventing you from returning to school until you have the conference.

In conclusion, your School ID can mean a lot more than just a picture of you, your grade,barcode and student number for the district, with that being said be sure to always carry your ID and be prepared to show it if and when asked.