Things to do with Bae <3

Written By: Madison Jones

Rookie Reporter

Whether you’re going to get to know someone or you’re going with your ¨boo¨, dates are so much fun to go on. However, as teenagers, our funds are limited. Not to mention sometimes cars and drivers are not always available, and nobody wants their moms dropping them off anymore (sorry mom).

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Here are some ideas that don’t cost all the money you have in your bank account.

MOVIE MARATHON: Blankets, popcorn, various amounts of junk food you bought together, and a bunch of movies you both enjoy. To make it a little fancier, there are phone projectors on Amazon for 30 to 50 dollars. Yes, that is expensive, but if it’s something you are likely to use in the future I count that as a good investment. Take a speaker, the projector, and your phone outside and bam: cute picnic.

HIDE AND SEEK: Bring your date back to when you were kids, go to a park or large store and play hide and seek. It will be more fun the more couples you have. Goof around, be silly, and be yourself.

FACE MASKS: This is pretty self-explanatory, but get facemasks and hang out at one of your houses. Play video games or just talk while they are working their magic.

GAME NIGHT: Have some friends over and play games. Board games and video games are a good way to get to know each other and become comfortable joking around with each other.

STAR-GAZING: Go out far away from city lights with a blanket, food, and sodas and gaze at the stars. It’s a good place for heartfelt conversations to get to know someone even better.

PET ANIMALS: Pet Land allows you to hold dogs, snakes, ferretts, and birds. You go into a pen and the employees bring you the dog you have chosen to get to know.

ROCK CLIMBING: Even if you aren’t very athletic, rock climbing is fun because you get to put your trust in someone to help you down a wall after climbing up.

TIME CAPSULE: Fill a box with memories you want to remember. You can either bury it or bring double of everything so each of you can have a box to keep.

PENNY DECIDES: Start driving toward somewhere there are things to do. Passenger has a penny they flip before every light. Heads is right, tails is left. Once you see somewhere that would be fun and cheap to go, you have your date place.

PAINT: buy cheap paint canvases and try following a Bob Ross tutorial. Determine a winner and loser has to buy food.

DRAW: Close your eyes and try to draw the other person. With your eyes closed the entire time.

BOWLING: Bowling seems to have an almost archaic reputation, but it can be incredibly fun with the right people.

YEARBOOKS: Pull out your old yearbooks and reminisce and laugh about your middle school photos.