Early Release vs. Late Start

Early Release

Written by: Makanalei kaeo


       For juniors going into senior year with open periods you may have had the choice of late start (no periods in the morning) or early release (no periods in the afternoon). If you are having a hard time deciding on which to choose here are just a few reasons as to why early release is the way to go.

       It’s your senior year, by now many of you have a job of sorts. Being able to leave early gives you the opportunity to go into work earlier and be able to leave earlier. Kids rush to their job right after school because they have a shift that requires them to be their at a certain time. If you like the way your shift is and you don’t mind getting off later, then think of this free time as a chance to relax before work or do some homework.

       That leads into the next point of why having early release is better. Students with jobs get behind on their work because they don’t have time to do it. As said before, they’re  on a time crunch and as soon as school day ends they have a 6 hour shift to work. When a student get home, they’re probably exhausted from work and just want to sleep. Having that time before your shift starts is a golden opportunity to stay on top of your assignments.

       If you don’t have a job then don’t worry; early release is still very much an option for you. What’s the harm of going home and taking a nap after a long day of school? Think of those open periods as a nap time and catch up on the sleep you missed from pulling an all-nighter doing homework.

       Sleep isn’t the only thing you can do in that time. If your friends have early release as well, you guys could go hang out and do as you wish. Go have some lunch with your friends and socialize. Or you could try and pick up on a hobby and take that time to focus on it.

       There is a plethora of options you could choose from to fill up those extra hours you now have to yourself. It is up to you to pick what you want to do with it.

Late Start

Written by: Myrnnda Miller


       Seniors are faced with the difficulty of deciding between two types of schedules when picking their classes: early release or late start. Late start, meaning your first and second classes of the day are open, only require you to come in the second half of the day.

       This option, which allow seniors with bad cases of senioritis to come in late, is very favorable. Due to the regular school day starting at 7 a.m., many students find themselves struggling to wake up early enough to make it on time.

       Traffic on Bermuda is atrocious due to the numerous amount of parents crowding the lanes to drop their children off. Not to mention the student drivers who, for a lack of better words, don’t have the best driving skills. Coming in late assists students who drive themself to school, making it so they completely avoid the chaotic parking lot.

       Arriving to school at a later time also allows a student to have time to get some homework and studying done. A common complaint of studying for a test or a quiz is that a student has difficulty remembering information over night. The extra hour or two before school is the ideal time to review for an upcoming assessment that day.

       Many students also have jobs that demand all their time after school so it’s essential to find time to get homework done. Doing homework in the morning open period takes away all those late nights of cramming to get things done quickly. Quality work is not produced at midnight, even though we’d like to believe it does.

       Arriving late also means that you’d be getting off of school at the regular time of 1:16 p.m., being of great selling point to a lot of seniors. All clubs and sports meet right after school, meaning if you’re an involved student, you already at the school for your activity. Those with early release leave the school only to come back to hours later; what a waste of time.