Snow vs. No Snow

Written by: Madison Jones

Rookie Reporter

For some, snow is a foreign concept. For others, it isn’t Christmas without snow. Growing up in Utah, snow was a part of school, Christmas, hangouts, and anything my friends and family did.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are from winter. My best friend, who lived next door, and I would create ice paths on the grass between our houses from walking over. We would have contests to see who could slide on ice at recess the farthest. I would build snow forts and igloo imitations and have snowball fights with neighbor kids and my siblings.

None of these memories would be mine had there been no snow. Memories from summer are still fondly looked back on, but most of them are of us sitting in the garage eating ice pops because it was scorching. I was more naive then and now know true heat after moving to Nevada.

After taking a poll on Instagram to see who thought snow made Christmas time more Christmas-y, 10 out of the 30 people who saw my poll, 12 voted with snow and one voted for no snow.

Some people don’t like snow because it’s difficult to drive in and eventually becomes a drag to be in.

“Snow is only acceptable on Christmas...other days it’s a pain,” said Boyce Fraidenburg (10).

If it started snowing in Nevada, people would be shocked and have to adapt to existing in a new way during the winter.

Although some things become a little bit more difficult in snow, the beauty and wonder of snow makes it all worth it.

“I thought it would be cool because I have never experienced Christmas with snow so it would be fun,” said Mackenzee Wayment (9).

Snow makes Christmas lights, trees, the ground, and other simple things so much more beautiful.

It’s also super fun to cuddle up in a couple blankets with hot chocolate inside watching movies with friends, family, or significant others. It gives you fun memories simply being together and not freezing.