Decorating Early: The Good and The Bad

Written By: Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

Christmas is quickly approaching and within the next few weeks we’ll be temporarily signing off from student life to be celebrating the festivities with loved ones. While we look forward to the break from the fast paced life the holidays provide us, it's not exactly as stress free as many of us like to think.

Part of that stress comes in the form of Christmas decorating. There’s a lot that goes into making our homes all pretty for the festivities. In that comes the ancient argument on whether or not you should put your decorations up already. There are certainly pros and cons to both scenarios.

Putting up decorations early could mean a smoother shopping experience. In taking to the shops early, you avoid the frantic last minute crowds. However, the con in that is that you don’t get to take full advantage of the near to Christmas decorations sales.

Shopping early can also allow you to space out the Christmas shopping list and with all that extra time, you can really focus on purchasing gifts.  

Others argue that setting up homes early, takes away the magic in the decorations. Especially in cases when you put them up during other festivities like Thanksgiving and Halloween. It not only sucks away the Christmas spirit, but it completely ignores other celebrations.

Whatever, route you choose to take, decorate early or decorate late - it doesn’t really matter in the end. Since at the end of it, you’re still spending the time to be with the people you love under all the Christmas lights - bought early or not.

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