Reboots: Good or Bad?

Written By: Mcleth Tanedo

Staff Reporter

Throughout the 2010s, old cartoons from the 90s or early 00s, that are beloved to those who were born in the late 80s, 90s, and early 00s, have been rebooted. These reboots mostly have a negative reception from many people. Three of these year’s reboots are movies from Disney, those being Lion King, Aladdin and Dumbo.

I think that these reboots aren’t the best thing to come from Disney, as they ruin the nostalgia and power of the movie for those who keep those movies close to their heart. Lion King’s box office gained $1.337 billion, higher than the other two. I don’t think the live action really deserves the money it got as it wasn’t very lively and fun as the original movie. Although, Aladdin was a very lively movie, but not as much as its original. It was still better than the Lion King live action.

Other than movies, cartoons have been rebooted as well. Very many of those cartoons that have been rebooted are honestly very bad, especially the ones on Cartoon Network. Cartoons, such as, Teen Titans GO, Ben 10 and Powerpuff Girls are those that are widely hated because Cartoon Network doesn’t know how to reboot a show. Instead, they just create a whole new take on it and ruin it for those who absolutely loved the cartoon.

There have been a handful of amazing reboots that have come out in recent years. Ducktales, A Mickey Mouse Cartoon and, very recently, Rocko’s Modern Life: A Static Cling are great examples of that. A Mickey Mouse Cartoon heavily focuses on humor which makes it so great as such as the original Mickey Mouse Cartoon did with its cartoon gags. Rocko’s Modern Life: A Static Cling is an amazing movie because it tackles the modern age of society and how much things can change. It is a continuation from the original series, but 20 years later where all the cast has grown up and changed. I highly recommend watching it on Netflix where it has been exclusively released.

“In my opinion, reboots have kinda negatively impacted the movie and tv show industry. A handful amount of producers can’t even come up with original ideas anymore,” said Thompson Thai (10).

Many reboots are mainly aimed towards the new generation of kids so it isn’t going to always please the fans of the original. The company either wants to reboot for their genuine love/fans of the show/cartoon/movie or milk it for the money. It's usually the latter.


College Scandal: They Got BOOKed

Written By: Madison Jones

Staff Reporter

In somewhat recent events, it was brought to the attention of the public that more than 30 parents and 20 college administration members were using bribery to get students into the school. This has been happening since 2011 and only this year was it exposed. Each bribe consisted of at least a couple thousand dollars.

It is no secret, school is stressful. The prospect of college is stressful. Figuring out what college to go to is stressful. For many families, there is pride and lineage attached to this decision. Perhaps that is where this scandal has come from. Whatever the case, it is inappropriate and dishonorable.

Gregory Abbott (founder and chairman of International Dispensing Corporation) and his wife Marcia Abbott paid $125,000 to change his daughters SAT scores. Lori Loughlin (well known actress) and husband Mossimo Giannulli (fashion designer), are accused of paying $500,000 to get their two daughters guaranteed admission into USC. Manuel Henriquez (founder, chairman, and CEO of Hercules Capital) and wife Elizabeth Henriquez are accused of paying approximately $25,000,000 to ensure college acceptance for their daughter, after she cheated on her SAT.

These people are all very influential, which makes it all the more upsetting that these individuals, as pairs and partners, would make the decision to abuse the power they have worked for or have been given. It is hard to imagine these children even know what they have been handed.

With working so hard at school, the ACT, jobs after school, and social lives, high school is obviously no easy feat. These kids were handed the opportunity to get high rate educations and the reputation that accompanies attending the schools in question without the work that makes everything worthwhile.

Flipping to the other side for a moment, the schools that allowed this to happen are selfish and self-serving. To some certain extent, every school, especially when at the college level, is self-serving. They preach diversity and cultured campuses, being biased in choosing students to enter and pursue based on grades and ethnic background. As much of a cliche as it has been made in to, the more you are a part of a minority, the higher your chances of getting into the college you want.

These colleges and administrators, however, have taken this to a whole other level, looking more at money than equal opportunities or even the minority. In the selfish sight of those who were brought into this scandal, people who actually deserve to go to college at these schools have been pushed aside, their spots having been taken by privileged children whose parents paid for college.

In the end, if one searches enough, anything can be justified. However, no matter how you look at this scandal, the bottom line is selfishness. Colleges wanted money and parents wanted the best for their children at the best schools. In this instance, you can however blame a parent for trying. While understandably working for the best for their children, they are simultaneously teaching them how to use money to buy situations and things you want. Life does not work that way and one day, these kids will be in for a rude awakening when they realize hard work goes with cold, hard money.


Anthem: The Wrongs and Rights

D’Khari Boggess

Staff Reporter

Anthem, a newly released game in late February of, 2019 is an online multiplayer game which was released to the next generation consoles the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC & MAC.

This game was developed under the studio called Bioware and published by EA or Electronic Arts.

Anthem is set in a parallel universe oddly similar to the critically acclaimed Mass Effect Series with the latest entry being Mass Effect: Andromeda.

This latest entry to the series was not many people’s favorites and got EA titled America’s worst game publishing studio for the second year in a row back in 2018.

Anthem was actually in development for more than 3 years until it’s review at E3, a gamer convention in 2017.

The trailer did not show off much, just the flight mechanics and cheesy voice lines from actors.

After it’s short reveal, nothing much was said about Anthem until late 2018 when it was rumored to be near complete.

The official release date was announced toward early January, this game was actually a chance for EA to redeem themselves and the hype train for its release was full steam ahead.

EA being heavily involved with Microsoft the same people who make Xbox products and systems, gave those who pre ordered Anthem a full 10 hour early access to the full game a few days before it’s official release date to all other platforms.

This gave all fans on Xbox a taste of Anthem. It was not at all what many people expected the game was riddled with bugs and glitches that made the game for some almost unplayable.

EA being the responsible company they are, was quick to reply on twitter stating, “Anthem is still in development and is not complete so please excuse the bugs and glitches you may come across.”

Anthem took massive inspiration from games like Mass Effect with the ever so similar combat system was underwhelming to many and some fans completely lost faith in the game and refunded their game the same day it was released.

Many fans were flat out disappointed and said Anthem was nothing like it’s award winning predecessors, bringing shame to Bioware as well.

I had already had my pre order in place and personally I was hyped for this game hearing about it way back in 2017.

Upon playing I was amazed by it’s graphics and how smooth the combat was and how the game played overall it was a nice refreshment from games I had previously been playing.

I played for a full day and a half and the progression system was fantastic and you unlock more power suits at certain ranks.

There is only a handful of missions at the moment and only one stronghold available to play nonetheless.

I still love the game and I felt as if I was never actually alone being that you always match make with players unless you go solo or single player in free mode. In my opinion the worst things about the game would have to be how hard it can get to actually level up and the lack of Experience Points you receive at the end of a 30 minute or more mission. I also encountered a game breaking glitch that caused my character to glitch through the earth and I had to restart my whole game and there are way too many long and unnecessary loading screens for everything.

After having and playing Anthem for a week and a half i would rate this game in its current state a 7-½ out of 10. I still recommend it to those new to games like this or if you are a Mass Effect fan.

School IDs: Helpful or Annoying?

Written By: D’khari Boggess

Staff Reporter

The importance of your school ID is unparalleled, it can actually be very useful and could help you in many situations.

If you have a credit or debit card in your own name,when you go to buy something they may ask for a form of ID to purchase the product, year school ID is a valid form of ID and is commonly used by high school and some middle school students.

School ID’s may not seem useful to some people because they may not have a credit or debit card but it’s still important say the least.

ID stands for Identity and it is used for protection and verification purposes.

This is why you need it for driving or to buy certain items depending on where you might shop.

Giving high school and middle school and even elementary school students their own identification card is actually a good habit to help them prepare them for the real world.

School ID’s aren’t as prevalent as a state ID considering it only displays the name of your school, a little picture of you, and your grade but is still helpful.

You may be wondering if schools do this just because or they want to start a habit of having a form of identification for each student at that school.

Sure they do this in other states but in the state of Nevada every public school in the CCSD (Clark County School District)’s rule is required to photograph every enrolled student and print them an id card after.

One example or an id importance is if you want piercings or tattoos from professional companies such as Diversity.

Before you even get the permission papers for them to do anything to they need a form of identification from you and your parent/guardian without it they cannot proceed with anything.

They make a copy of your id and hand you your original one back,this is a good example to display because if you wanted to get your nose pierced or get a tattoo they might ask for a form of ID from you and your parent or guardian if you are under 18.

Some schools actually require you to always carry your ID card with you everyday you attend school.

The reason being is for student’s safety and to show any administration that you attend this school.

Anyone without their ID gets one printed by the librarian and is charged a $7.00 fine to their student account under that person’s account that has to be paid in order to graduate from any school in the Clark County District.

Personally i feel like this is smart yet dumb for some schools to do only because we are only human and we may forget to bring our identification card with us.

This system that fines you for not having your ID or even RPC’ing you (Required Parent Teacher Conference) preventing you from returning to school until you have the conference.

In conclusion, your School ID can mean a lot more than just a picture of you, your grade,barcode and student number for the district, with that being said be sure to always carry your ID and be prepared to show it if and when asked.

Things to do with Bae <3

Written By: Madison Jones

Rookie Reporter

Whether you’re going to get to know someone or you’re going with your ¨boo¨, dates are so much fun to go on. However, as teenagers, our funds are limited. Not to mention sometimes cars and drivers are not always available, and nobody wants their moms dropping them off anymore (sorry mom).

Not sponsored, but when you purchase Pogo Passes, you gain access to a bunch of cool places to go for lower prices, for an entire year.

Here are some ideas that don’t cost all the money you have in your bank account.

MOVIE MARATHON: Blankets, popcorn, various amounts of junk food you bought together, and a bunch of movies you both enjoy. To make it a little fancier, there are phone projectors on Amazon for 30 to 50 dollars. Yes, that is expensive, but if it’s something you are likely to use in the future I count that as a good investment. Take a speaker, the projector, and your phone outside and bam: cute picnic.

HIDE AND SEEK: Bring your date back to when you were kids, go to a park or large store and play hide and seek. It will be more fun the more couples you have. Goof around, be silly, and be yourself.

FACE MASKS: This is pretty self-explanatory, but get facemasks and hang out at one of your houses. Play video games or just talk while they are working their magic.

GAME NIGHT: Have some friends over and play games. Board games and video games are a good way to get to know each other and become comfortable joking around with each other.

STAR-GAZING: Go out far away from city lights with a blanket, food, and sodas and gaze at the stars. It’s a good place for heartfelt conversations to get to know someone even better.

PET ANIMALS: Pet Land allows you to hold dogs, snakes, ferretts, and birds. You go into a pen and the employees bring you the dog you have chosen to get to know.

ROCK CLIMBING: Even if you aren’t very athletic, rock climbing is fun because you get to put your trust in someone to help you down a wall after climbing up.

TIME CAPSULE: Fill a box with memories you want to remember. You can either bury it or bring double of everything so each of you can have a box to keep.

PENNY DECIDES: Start driving toward somewhere there are things to do. Passenger has a penny they flip before every light. Heads is right, tails is left. Once you see somewhere that would be fun and cheap to go, you have your date place.

PAINT: buy cheap paint canvases and try following a Bob Ross tutorial. Determine a winner and loser has to buy food.

DRAW: Close your eyes and try to draw the other person. With your eyes closed the entire time.

BOWLING: Bowling seems to have an almost archaic reputation, but it can be incredibly fun with the right people.

YEARBOOKS: Pull out your old yearbooks and reminisce and laugh about your middle school photos.

Birdbox: Hype or Sike?

Written By: Zoe Gamboa

Staff Reporter

The thrilling Netflix original film, Bird Box, was released on December 21, 2018. It was directed by academy award winner, Susanne Bier, starring Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes. Only a limited supply of food, water and other resources, the movie takes you on a suspenseful ride of survival. An unknown entity decimating the population, takes form of your worst fears - if you see it, you die.

A woman and her children attempt to go on a journey to a safe sanctuary, but they have to undergo tremendous danger through the woods and a river. To avoid the evil that is chasing them, they must accomplish the trip completely blindfolded.

The suspenseful music especially on their quest to safety, creates tension between the viewers and the turmoil of the characters. The special effects make the movie more compelling.

The acting is incredible and captivating. It draws you in, and makes you almost feel like you’re in the movie. When do you ever see actors blindfolded in almost half the movie? The actors did a brilliant job at portraying an apocalyptic feeling.

Revealing the back story of Malorie Hayes, Tom, and their love story, engages you with the characters while they grow throughout the movie.

Overall, if you love suspense, you will enjoy this movie. Bird Box will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Decorating Early: The Good and The Bad

Written By: Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

Christmas is quickly approaching and within the next few weeks we’ll be temporarily signing off from student life to be celebrating the festivities with loved ones. While we look forward to the break from the fast paced life the holidays provide us, it's not exactly as stress free as many of us like to think.

Part of that stress comes in the form of Christmas decorating. There’s a lot that goes into making our homes all pretty for the festivities. In that comes the ancient argument on whether or not you should put your decorations up already. There are certainly pros and cons to both scenarios.

Putting up decorations early could mean a smoother shopping experience. In taking to the shops early, you avoid the frantic last minute crowds. However, the con in that is that you don’t get to take full advantage of the near to Christmas decorations sales.

Shopping early can also allow you to space out the Christmas shopping list and with all that extra time, you can really focus on purchasing gifts.  

Others argue that setting up homes early, takes away the magic in the decorations. Especially in cases when you put them up during other festivities like Thanksgiving and Halloween. It not only sucks away the Christmas spirit, but it completely ignores other celebrations.

Whatever, route you choose to take, decorate early or decorate late - it doesn’t really matter in the end. Since at the end of it, you’re still spending the time to be with the people you love under all the Christmas lights - bought early or not.

decorating early vs later.JPG

Snow vs. No Snow

Written by: Madison Jones

Rookie Reporter

For some, snow is a foreign concept. For others, it isn’t Christmas without snow. Growing up in Utah, snow was a part of school, Christmas, hangouts, and anything my friends and family did.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are from winter. My best friend, who lived next door, and I would create ice paths on the grass between our houses from walking over. We would have contests to see who could slide on ice at recess the farthest. I would build snow forts and igloo imitations and have snowball fights with neighbor kids and my siblings.

None of these memories would be mine had there been no snow. Memories from summer are still fondly looked back on, but most of them are of us sitting in the garage eating ice pops because it was scorching. I was more naive then and now know true heat after moving to Nevada.

After taking a poll on Instagram to see who thought snow made Christmas time more Christmas-y, 10 out of the 30 people who saw my poll, 12 voted with snow and one voted for no snow.

Some people don’t like snow because it’s difficult to drive in and eventually becomes a drag to be in.

“Snow is only acceptable on Christmas...other days it’s a pain,” said Boyce Fraidenburg (10).

If it started snowing in Nevada, people would be shocked and have to adapt to existing in a new way during the winter.

Although some things become a little bit more difficult in snow, the beauty and wonder of snow makes it all worth it.

“I thought it would be cool because I have never experienced Christmas with snow so it would be fun,” said Mackenzee Wayment (9).

Snow makes Christmas lights, trees, the ground, and other simple things so much more beautiful.

It’s also super fun to cuddle up in a couple blankets with hot chocolate inside watching movies with friends, family, or significant others. It gives you fun memories simply being together and not freezing.


Class Rings: Are They Worth It?

Written By: Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

Getting a class ring was a popular high school tradition of the past but the rush to get one has died in recent years.

Reporter, Amy Pearson, in her 2012 article for for Winona Daily News, “Sales of class rings have declined by half in recent years,” says that only 35 percent of students make class ring orders.

Reasons for this may be that many are turned off by its prices. Liberty High’s most affordable ring being at $202 and the most expensive one being at $500. Considering that these items are being sold to teenagers who usually only pocket enough for basic necessities like gas and lunch, the pricing could definitely be considered questionable.

Others, however, are turned off by their “tacky” designs as they lack subtlety. Most class rings are chunky in size, obnoxious, and usually contain loud colors like cobalt blue and ruby red. The numbers on these rings, while with sentimental value (e.x. graduation year) can come across as pretentious as they are often the center of these designs in their big obnoxious font.  

Some making the purchase are driven by its sentimental value. Many parents have their own class rings and these kids, following in their parent’s footsteps, make the purchase. For others, it is less about “family tradition” and more so just to have a souvenir to commemorate graduating and the experiences that high school has offered them.  

This especially applies to those who play sports as many class rings can be designed to feature an athlete's jersey number and their team’s logo. This further personalizes the rings for this demographic.

While the sentimental value of the rings are appealing, they just are not worth it. They can’t be worn subtly and they’re pricey; hardly any present day high school student ever remembers its existence.

However, this doesn’t mean that school spirit isn’t alive and well. To be frank, the masses who use to buy class rings have flocked over to another market - school clothing wear. Many students on campus can often be seen geared in school sweatshirts, hoodies, sweats, hats etc.

So, sure, we as a collective have seemingly put class jewelry to rest but that’s okay because we’re probably still down to wear anything else in the name of school spirit; like our much more affordable contemporary, school clothing.


Costumes Trends

Written By: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter

Halloween is a time for scary movies, candy, and the most important, the costumes. Throughout the years, people would be either on the creative side or the generic side.

For the past four years, it seems that a lot of  people have been going out as Harley Quinn. Yeah she was good in the movie, but she wasn’t that impactful for thousands to dress up as her and think they are doing something new and exciting. If you are thinking about dressing up as Harley Quinn this year, better idea to just be Blu from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

One costume that a good handful of people do that is actually entertaining is the inflatable T-Rex. A funny and enjoyable costume for all types of people. Fun for the kids and will definitely earn you some laughs from the crowd.

With the rise and popularity of the movie, Black Panther, there has to be multiple people going out as the Black Panther so maybe add something extra to the outfit and make make it personal.

Add in the necklace with teeth on it or add a different color or just something that won’t make it similar to most.

Some people may actually just want to dress up as something cute and sweet, so a choice is dressing up as Winnie the Pooh. Become the character who is always portrayed as a happy hungry bear and one that always has that nice homey feeling to them.

If you don’t want to go out and buy a costume, make one yourself. There is always something in your house that can suit the mood for Halloween. Shoot grab a few trash bags, cut holes in them, tape or staple some paper onto the trash bag and boom, your very own trash costume.

Early Release vs. Late Start

Early Release

Written by: Makanalei kaeo


       For juniors going into senior year with open periods you may have had the choice of late start (no periods in the morning) or early release (no periods in the afternoon). If you are having a hard time deciding on which to choose here are just a few reasons as to why early release is the way to go.

       It’s your senior year, by now many of you have a job of sorts. Being able to leave early gives you the opportunity to go into work earlier and be able to leave earlier. Kids rush to their job right after school because they have a shift that requires them to be their at a certain time. If you like the way your shift is and you don’t mind getting off later, then think of this free time as a chance to relax before work or do some homework.

       That leads into the next point of why having early release is better. Students with jobs get behind on their work because they don’t have time to do it. As said before, they’re  on a time crunch and as soon as school day ends they have a 6 hour shift to work. When a student get home, they’re probably exhausted from work and just want to sleep. Having that time before your shift starts is a golden opportunity to stay on top of your assignments.

       If you don’t have a job then don’t worry; early release is still very much an option for you. What’s the harm of going home and taking a nap after a long day of school? Think of those open periods as a nap time and catch up on the sleep you missed from pulling an all-nighter doing homework.

       Sleep isn’t the only thing you can do in that time. If your friends have early release as well, you guys could go hang out and do as you wish. Go have some lunch with your friends and socialize. Or you could try and pick up on a hobby and take that time to focus on it.

       There is a plethora of options you could choose from to fill up those extra hours you now have to yourself. It is up to you to pick what you want to do with it.

Late Start

Written by: Myrnnda Miller


       Seniors are faced with the difficulty of deciding between two types of schedules when picking their classes: early release or late start. Late start, meaning your first and second classes of the day are open, only require you to come in the second half of the day.

       This option, which allow seniors with bad cases of senioritis to come in late, is very favorable. Due to the regular school day starting at 7 a.m., many students find themselves struggling to wake up early enough to make it on time.

       Traffic on Bermuda is atrocious due to the numerous amount of parents crowding the lanes to drop their children off. Not to mention the student drivers who, for a lack of better words, don’t have the best driving skills. Coming in late assists students who drive themself to school, making it so they completely avoid the chaotic parking lot.

       Arriving to school at a later time also allows a student to have time to get some homework and studying done. A common complaint of studying for a test or a quiz is that a student has difficulty remembering information over night. The extra hour or two before school is the ideal time to review for an upcoming assessment that day.

       Many students also have jobs that demand all their time after school so it’s essential to find time to get homework done. Doing homework in the morning open period takes away all those late nights of cramming to get things done quickly. Quality work is not produced at midnight, even though we’d like to believe it does.

       Arriving late also means that you’d be getting off of school at the regular time of 1:16 p.m., being of great selling point to a lot of seniors. All clubs and sports meet right after school, meaning if you’re an involved student, you already at the school for your activity. Those with early release leave the school only to come back to hours later; what a waste of time.