Save The Date for School

Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

Back in February, Las Vegas saw 7.4 inches of snowfall. Considering how it was the first time for snow to make an appearance since 2008, many were overjoyed by the sight. A lot of people went outside, to play around in the snow.

In particular, loads of students began to hope for CCSD to call for a snow day for the following school day. To their dismay, however, CCSD announced on Twitter that school would resume as usual.

The student body had mixed feelings on the matter in response. On one side, there were people who were relieved that there wouldn’t be a surprise makeup day for that.

On the other hand, many were angry with the decision, claiming how dangerous it would be for inexperienced teens driving on the snowy roads unfamiliar to them. Others simply thought a day off was necessary considering the phenomenon of snow in Las Vegas.

CCSD would not back out on this decision and school resumed as usual. That was until CCSD decided to call off a day from school not even a day later. Many were happy about this unexpected turn of events, pushing the thought of a makeup day to the back of their minds.

Finally, on March 15th CCSD Board of School Trustees voted to designate Monday, April 22, 2019 as the makeup day.

Students while unamused with this development have come to understand that the day off had to made be up at some point.