Dual Credit

Written By: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter

Last year, Liberty added in new courses called dual credit which would allow the student to be able to take college course classes and receive college credits.

Liberty and other Clark County schools have all paired up with Nevada State College (NSC) to allow students to get their college credits earlier and make it easier to pay.

Dual credit kind of takes the place of AP classes by having you not take the AP exam but still letting you get the college credit as long as you pass the class with a C or higher. If you do this, you get the credit for each semester and which would count as two credits in total.

To take these classes, the student would have to talk to their counselor and choose the classes that they would want. Once you are accepted, you would have to pay a $30 fee for signing up to NSC and then pay an additional $75 for each class you have signed up for.

After the first semester, you would have to pay an other $75 for the second semester. This would be $150 for a whole school year, which is way cheaper than the average cost of a college class.

As you take these classes, you will get credits that are transferable throughout the state of Nevada and possibly other colleges outside of the state as well.

When you take the class, you do have to deal with higher expectations as you are seen as a college student in high school and it is expected of you to act the way that someone in college should.

The classes that are offered include Teaching and Training, Composition 101 and 102, U.S. History, and soon to be many others.

Talk with your counselor and strive to achieve the goal of going to college with credits that you would need. Also, this would make college cheaper for you and allow you to not have to stress about money in the future when you are given the chance.