Government Shutdown

Written By: Makanalei Kaeo


If you aren’t caught up with the news in America, you may be unaware of the partial government shutdown that Trump ordered.

What is a government shutdown? It is the stopping of funds to lower federal workers and federal programs. Who does it affect? It affects the little guys, like the cleaners of National Parks, the janitors in the federal buildings, any worker paid by the federal government, including our troops.

In a government shutdown you aren’t necessarily fired; you work without knowing when your next paycheck is. So our troops continue to work even though they don’t know when the next time they get paid will be.

The shutdown happened because the Democrats and President Trump could not come to an agreement about the funds of border security.

Trump wants $6.5 Billion to build a wall but the Democrats, who run the house, refused to give in and stick to the original budget of $2 Billion. So in turn, Trump put the government in a partial shutdown unless the Democrats give him the whole $6.5 Billion.

“I did say I’m prepared for this shutdown to go on for years,” said President Donald Trump.

People speculate why he is being irrational is because if he doesn’t pull through with his promise of a wall then he won’t be re-elected if he chooses to run again.

As of now this shutdown is the longest shutdown in U.S. History and from what it looks like it will continue to go on till both parties come to an agreement.

If something isn’t done soon the impact will be detrimental for this country and it will affect more people than intended.

UPDATE: It is temporarily halted until they can reach a decision on funding.