Reptile Conventions comes to Vegas

Written By: Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

Reptile convention invites lovers of this specific subculture of animals to congregate. Presently, it comes around three times a year to many different locations.

Luckily, the first one of the year took place locally in Las Vegas on the 12th to 13th of January at the Texas Station Hotel & Casino.

They charged 12 dollars per head and you could pay with cash. But not to worry as there is an ATM really close by to the convention hall the event took place in.

The event had over a hundred  consignors setting up their own shop. Most shopkeepers were selling the common reptiles - snakes, lizards, etc. but some more eccentric pets were also on sale. Some to note were the axolotl (Mexican salamanders, amphibians) and hamsters.

Conveniently, there were also many booths selling a variety of habitat and enclosure options for pets - from cages to terrariums.

Surprisingly there was a great number of booths selling miscellaneous items. This included toys, merchandise, paintings, and accessories. Usually they stick to the reptile theme but some strayed away - for example, one booth sold just homemade slime and squishies.

The event ran up to 6 pm and many left the event with new pets and happy hearts. One attendee had even said:

“It was a great time. They had a good selection beyond the typical snakes and lizards. And the merchandise promoting reptiles were also quite cute. However, I wish consigners were more open to letting prospect buyers handle the pets.”

The official date of the next convention in Las vegas has not been released as of writing this.