3 day late policy

Written by: Christa Smith

Rookie Reporter  


This school year, students have taken notice of the “new” school policy: the ‘3 day policy.’ It’s a policy allowing students an opportunity to gather classwork that they have missed due to absences. These absences can be a result of illnesses, having other appointments to attend to, etc. Students are required to initiate contact with the teacher(s) to receive the missing work.

From there, students have 3 school days to turn that assigned work in. The time extension for turning things in is what intrigued many. However, according to the school’s Dean of Students, this isn’t exactly anything new.

“This is not a new change. This policy had been in effect for several years. At least for seven years, I believe,” Dean of Students, Kim Kamrowski said.

She finds it odd that people were taking notice of the policy only now, seven years later. Nevertheless, she still has a lot to say about what happened behind the scenes in the making of this policy.

“CCSD school board set in place regulation XXXX (containing this policy). And they had reviewed data and communicated with parents, students and administration. With their input in mind they formulated the policy,” said Kamrowski.

Putting the weird mix up on whether or not it is a new policy and its origin story aside, it is quite evident that this policy has been very beneficial to the school. It helps students become more aware of meeting deadlines and reaching their goals of graduation. It also provides students with an opportunity to advocate for themselves when inquiring about their education or missed classwork, all of which that goes into the foundation work of a student’s character.