Election Season Coming to an End

Written by: Makanalei Kaeo


As many of you are aware, Election Day has just passed and we now have many new faces in office. As teens, a lot of you are pressured to start being politically aware of what’s happening.

The race for governor was between Steve Sisolak [Democrat] and Adam Laxalt [Republican]. Sisolak was a big proponent of strong education and funding public schools with the marijuana tax revenue Nevada takes in.

Laxalt on the other hand believed that everyone has a choice to go to either a private or public school, and he would ultimately fund private schools with the money Nevada gets from the marijuana tax.

Both have opposite views on healthcare and whether or not pre-existing conditions should get medicare. Sisolak was for giving healthcare to those with pre-existing conditions, unlike his republican opponent who supported cutting healthcare for those with pre-existing conditions. Ultimately, in the end, Steve Sisolak has become the new governor of Nevada.

Another critical race for Nevadans was the race for Senate. Jacky Rosen [D] and Dean Heller [R] were the candidates. Rosen supported Sisolak and healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions. Heller faltered with healthcare after his incident were he promised to not take away healthcare from Nevadans but ended up doing so anyways.

Rosen faces a lot of criticism for voting a lot like Nancy Pelosi, the California democratic representative. Nevadans are scared to end up like their neighbors, California. Both runners have their flaws but it seems like people trusted Jacky Rosen more than Dean Heller.

The Congressional Race in this district was closely watched. Danny Tarkanian [R] and Susie Lee [D] were the candidates.

Both faced harsh ads about them. Tarkanian called a con-man and Lee being named a rich, pretentious lady, who only has her interests in mind. Tarkanian shares similar views with President Trump. He believes in border reform, stopping illegal immigration, and bettering the economy. Lee is a strong advocate for gun safety and education. Susie Lee seemed to have had people believing in her more than her opponent.

These are the people who are now representing you. The next time mid-term elections come around, many of you will be able to vote. It is encouraged that you are aware and that you get out their and vote so you can have your voice heard!