Fright Dome

Written By: Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

Unfortunately, Fright Dome, a popular local halloween attraction that annually takes over Circus Circus Adventuredome, has been cancelled for 2018. This long time halloween tradition had been going on for more than a decade already (established in Oct. 2003).

Egan Productions, the team behind Fright Dome, has released a statement regarding the decision.

“While we regret the bad news, we are grateful to the people of Las Vegas for supporting Fright Dome over the past fifteen years. We look forward to many successful Halloween events in the future,” they said to 13 Action News.

No further details from the company has been released.

According to Vital Vegas, the Fright Dome cancellation has been a result of months of drama between the team, Egan Productions, and their hosts, Circus Circus (owned by MGM Resorts). The root of the drama being the production’s Saw’s Escape Room being a complete bust. This caused many investors to back out.

And as a result of the financial pressures from the Saw Escape Room, Jason Egan of the company, had requested a bigger cut of the profits that Circus Circus had been receiving from Fright Dome. Circus Circus had been open to negotiating the cut, but things never seemed to work out between the two companies.

And by July, Circus Circus started throwing out Fright dome equipment and sets. And in response to the situation, Circus Circus is considering opening up their own haunted house. But whether or not they will go through with this is unknown.