Costume Policy

Written By: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter

Halloween is a fun time to dress up and show off what you bought or created. If you are looking forward to coming to school in your costume here are the guidelines.

The school policy states, you must  obey the school dress code. This means you can’t wear slippers, have any gang affiliated colors, shirts must be at appropriate length, and no tank tops if the sleeves isn’t three inches wide. You can find the school dress code hanging up in your teacher’s classroom.

Your costume overall must be rated PG. No costumes that are offensive or graphic.

You also will be stopped if your costume covers your head. So no mask or clothing that hides your identity.

Last thing is that you are prohibited from carrying any type of weapons around. Even if they are fake, you are still going against the school policy and will face consequences.

Have a safe Halloween and follow these rules for a fun day at school.