Liberty Forfeit

Written By: Daniel Britt

Staff Reporter

Liberty’s Varsity football team has officially been forced to forfeit two games this season after a bench clearing fight against Desert Pines in the Adidas National game of the week last Friday (9-21-18).

The game was live all over Twitter and Twitch, and had over 7,000 viewers watching at one point. The game was huge for both teams and Liberty did end up winning with a final score of 33-6.

Sadly, though Liberty’s win against Desert Pines will be changed to a double forfeit because of the huge incident.

Slot receiver Dylan Brogan (12) is not too happy about the teams two forfeits.

“We blew two games to fight a team that we were blowing out,” said Brogan.

The fight started on a kickoff after a Liberty touchdown. A player from Desert Pines was trying to block Liberty’s #32 Caleb Pulu (11) a.k.a. Alaska. Pulu didn’t allow himself to be blocked and a Desert Pines player got mad. The altercation began.

Liberty’s kickoff team started to try and breakup the fight, then Desert Pines players came over and started pushing them and that’s when Desert Pines’ benched cleared. Liberty’s bench cleared after and punches were getting thrown and players were getting tossed. The referees and some police had to come break it up.

After the incident, both head coaches from both teams took their players to their sidelines and had talks with them. The refs let the game go on and Liberty just ran up the score.

Head coach Rich Muraco was interviewed after the game and was asked about the fight.

“Football is an emotional game and you want your kids to play on that edge between playing real nasty and playing real clean, and their high school kids and sometimes emotions get the best of them and that line gets a little blurred and kids cross the line. Then when you have to yell at the team telling them to calm down, it kinda takes the energy out of the spirit of the team,” said Muraco.

Liberty does have to forfeit their next game at home against Chaparral High school next friday night (10-5-18).

Liberty’s 1-4 record does not compare to any record they have had in the past 5 seasons. Last time Liberty started 1-4 was in 2007 and did not make the playoffs.

Hopefully our Patriots can come back from this strongly against their next opponent Green Valley for our Homecoming game on Friday night (10-12-18).

The Patriots need to find a way to win six straight games against our regional rivals. Team likes Green Valley, Coronado, and Foothill.

Six straight wins will give us a pretty good chance to get into the playoffs and get a good seed (ranking in the playoffs off your record). Liberty needs to find their spark and get back on track to have a chance of making the playoffs.

The Golden Knights Return

Written By: Joseph Gallegos

Staff Reporter

A new NHL season is almost among us. With pre-season underway, it just means we are days away from the regular season. We are also just coming off one of the craziest NHL seasons ever, with the Vegas Golden Knights going all the way to the Stanley Cup as an expansion team.

However they fell short to the Washington Capitals.

It’s been a very eventful offseason in the NHL, especially for Vegas. Losing All-Star wing James Neal, and wing David Peron, they added two time all-star, Paul Stastny, and captain Max Pacioretty. They also re-signed William Karlsson and Marc Andre Fleury.

So, can Vegas go for the Stanley Cup back to back? Well the roster for sure has the talent. The coaching is there, and Vegas has one of the best front offices in the league.

What’s standing in the Golden Knights way? The San Jose sharks are what kill any hopes Vegas has. A couple weeks ago, nobody gave the Sharks a chance. The Sharks general manager, Doug Wilson, made the blockbuster deal of the summer. Trading away three players and draft picks for five time all-star, four time NHL first team member, and two time defensive player of the year, Erik Karlsson.

He will be paired up with already another top defensemen, Brent Burns, giving the Sharks hands down the best defensive line in the league.

Never forgot the famous saying: “Defense wins championships,” said by Paul “Bear” Bryant.

It’s not impossible to beat the sharks. Vegas had one of the best offenses in the NHL last year. Vegas goalie Marc Andre Fleury had an All-Star season last year which is one of the reasons Vegas made it so far last season.

If you thought last season was crazy, this season will be nothing short of spectacular.


3 day late policy

Written by: Christa Smith

Rookie Reporter  


This school year, students have taken notice of the “new” school policy: the ‘3 day policy.’ It’s a policy allowing students an opportunity to gather classwork that they have missed due to absences. These absences can be a result of illnesses, having other appointments to attend to, etc. Students are required to initiate contact with the teacher(s) to receive the missing work.

From there, students have 3 school days to turn that assigned work in. The time extension for turning things in is what intrigued many. However, according to the school’s Dean of Students, this isn’t exactly anything new.

“This is not a new change. This policy had been in effect for several years. At least for seven years, I believe,” Dean of Students, Kim Kamrowski said.

She finds it odd that people were taking notice of the policy only now, seven years later. Nevertheless, she still has a lot to say about what happened behind the scenes in the making of this policy.

“CCSD school board set in place regulation XXXX (containing this policy). And they had reviewed data and communicated with parents, students and administration. With their input in mind they formulated the policy,” said Kamrowski.

Putting the weird mix up on whether or not it is a new policy and its origin story aside, it is quite evident that this policy has been very beneficial to the school. It helps students become more aware of meeting deadlines and reaching their goals of graduation. It also provides students with an opportunity to advocate for themselves when inquiring about their education or missed classwork, all of which that goes into the foundation work of a student’s character.