Gaming Club and Silver State Sports

Written By: Kyle Tanedo

Staff Reporter

Liberty’s Gaming Club has partnered with Silver State Esports, a recently created league by Davis Cowles, a senior at West Career & Technical Academy (WCTA) and president of their gaming club. This is a state-wide esports league that puts a plethora of high schools against each other in seven different games. Those games being; Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, League of Legends, Minecraft (Survival Games), Fortnite, Overwatch, Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) and Rainbow 6 Siege. More games will be added and some will be removed depending on popularity and esports potential.

This league was created due to the lack of traditional sports at certain schools and to be able to introduce students to the world of Esports as its growing in popularity. Silver State Esports is run by students for students and events are helped to be planned by the board of Gaming/Esports Clubs and those on the board of the league.

“High school esports is a great idea to introduce so many people to a somewhat new concept. Ever since the Esports Arena has been introduced in the Luxor, esports has been slowly growing,” said Carl Lambert (11).

Tournaments of this league are planned to be held at local venues, such as Gameworks and Wolf and Lamb PC. The league doesn’t follow a strict schedule as many other leagues do. Instead, events/tournaments are done upon request of the High Schools or the League Members.

Silver State Esports’ pricing is much cheaper than other high school level esports leagues where they might charge a hundred dollars or more fee.Their pricing is based off the total entry fee and venue fee which will then go to the venue as a thank you for letting them use the venue for the tournament/event. The total typically comes out to about $10 per person for every event they enter; although, the fee may vary depending on the scale of the event.
The league will also bring five students per high school to the LVL UP Expo, on February 21-23, 2020. These students will get in for free to participate in a tournament of the student’s choosing, along with a jersey that represents their school and sponsors of Silver State Esports. It’s highly recommended to join the Gaming Club to be one of the five students that goes to LVL UP Expo.

Gaming Club is every Friday, after school in room 823. They then move to the library to play video games on consoles provided by club members or the board to play for the day.

6 Class Policy

Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter

Coming into high school and being assigned eight classes may bring lots of stress into your life. But seniors who do well in school and aren’t credit deficient are allowed to have at least four classes.

That has all changed because Clark County School District (CCSD) decided to make seniors take a minimum of six classes. CCSD still allows Seniors to take 4 classes but this comes with more requirements than before.

The standard requirements were to have all the credits necessary to graduate and a 3.25 gpa. The added on criteria was that the student has to get an 18 on the English and 22 on the Math portions of their American College Testing (ACT) exam.

If the student doesn’t meet the standard that CCSD has placed on the students, their counselor will assign them the extra classes.

All Juniors are given the opportunity to take the ACT for free by the state which gives students an advantage to focus on studying to achieve those scores.

There are some ways to obtain those four classes while still getting less than an 18 and 22 on the ACT. That way is taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) exam which is a multiple choice test to see if you can qualify to be apart of the United States military.

On the ASVAB, the student would have to score at least a 50 on the test to achieve the four wanted classes. Taking this means  the student would have to be responsible of getting their ASVAB score to their school and making sure it is given before the schedule is made.

So for Juniors, if you want a shorten schedule, make sure you do well on one of these test and you should get it.

Save The Date for School

Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

Back in February, Las Vegas saw 7.4 inches of snowfall. Considering how it was the first time for snow to make an appearance since 2008, many were overjoyed by the sight. A lot of people went outside, to play around in the snow.

In particular, loads of students began to hope for CCSD to call for a snow day for the following school day. To their dismay, however, CCSD announced on Twitter that school would resume as usual.

The student body had mixed feelings on the matter in response. On one side, there were people who were relieved that there wouldn’t be a surprise makeup day for that.

On the other hand, many were angry with the decision, claiming how dangerous it would be for inexperienced teens driving on the snowy roads unfamiliar to them. Others simply thought a day off was necessary considering the phenomenon of snow in Las Vegas.

CCSD would not back out on this decision and school resumed as usual. That was until CCSD decided to call off a day from school not even a day later. Many were happy about this unexpected turn of events, pushing the thought of a makeup day to the back of their minds.

Finally, on March 15th CCSD Board of School Trustees voted to designate Monday, April 22, 2019 as the makeup day.

Students while unamused with this development have come to understand that the day off had to made be up at some point.

Dual Credit

Written By: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter

Last year, Liberty added in new courses called dual credit which would allow the student to be able to take college course classes and receive college credits.

Liberty and other Clark County schools have all paired up with Nevada State College (NSC) to allow students to get their college credits earlier and make it easier to pay.

Dual credit kind of takes the place of AP classes by having you not take the AP exam but still letting you get the college credit as long as you pass the class with a C or higher. If you do this, you get the credit for each semester and which would count as two credits in total.

To take these classes, the student would have to talk to their counselor and choose the classes that they would want. Once you are accepted, you would have to pay a $30 fee for signing up to NSC and then pay an additional $75 for each class you have signed up for.

After the first semester, you would have to pay an other $75 for the second semester. This would be $150 for a whole school year, which is way cheaper than the average cost of a college class.

As you take these classes, you will get credits that are transferable throughout the state of Nevada and possibly other colleges outside of the state as well.

When you take the class, you do have to deal with higher expectations as you are seen as a college student in high school and it is expected of you to act the way that someone in college should.

The classes that are offered include Teaching and Training, Composition 101 and 102, U.S. History, and soon to be many others.

Talk with your counselor and strive to achieve the goal of going to college with credits that you would need. Also, this would make college cheaper for you and allow you to not have to stress about money in the future when you are given the chance.


Government Shutdown

Written By: Makanalei Kaeo


If you aren’t caught up with the news in America, you may be unaware of the partial government shutdown that Trump ordered.

What is a government shutdown? It is the stopping of funds to lower federal workers and federal programs. Who does it affect? It affects the little guys, like the cleaners of National Parks, the janitors in the federal buildings, any worker paid by the federal government, including our troops.

In a government shutdown you aren’t necessarily fired; you work without knowing when your next paycheck is. So our troops continue to work even though they don’t know when the next time they get paid will be.

The shutdown happened because the Democrats and President Trump could not come to an agreement about the funds of border security.

Trump wants $6.5 Billion to build a wall but the Democrats, who run the house, refused to give in and stick to the original budget of $2 Billion. So in turn, Trump put the government in a partial shutdown unless the Democrats give him the whole $6.5 Billion.

“I did say I’m prepared for this shutdown to go on for years,” said President Donald Trump.

People speculate why he is being irrational is because if he doesn’t pull through with his promise of a wall then he won’t be re-elected if he chooses to run again.

As of now this shutdown is the longest shutdown in U.S. History and from what it looks like it will continue to go on till both parties come to an agreement.

If something isn’t done soon the impact will be detrimental for this country and it will affect more people than intended.

UPDATE: It is temporarily halted until they can reach a decision on funding.

Las Vegas Sphere

Written By: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter

In late 2018, ground broke on the new stadium coming to Las Vegas. Madison Square Garden (MSG) and The Venetian partnered up to bring us the Las Vegas Sphere.

The sphere is an 18,000 seat stadium for concerts and a rumoured professional basketball team despite the professionals would possibly still play at the T-Mobile Arena because of the great amount of seats and the already designed NBA locker rooms.

This stadium is one of the first of its kind. It’s supposed to have tech screens inside the stadium and having the outside covered in screens to project anything that is operated on it.

It’s also expected to have a state-of-the-art sound system that would provide the audience with a better concert experience. With the many speakers in the stadium, it is also projected that the front row and the audience in the back should have the exact same sound experience.

MSG and The Venetian are having this built just west of the Las Vegas Convention Center and announced that this should be built by 2021

Reptile Conventions comes to Vegas

Written By: Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

Reptile convention invites lovers of this specific subculture of animals to congregate. Presently, it comes around three times a year to many different locations.

Luckily, the first one of the year took place locally in Las Vegas on the 12th to 13th of January at the Texas Station Hotel & Casino.

They charged 12 dollars per head and you could pay with cash. But not to worry as there is an ATM really close by to the convention hall the event took place in.

The event had over a hundred  consignors setting up their own shop. Most shopkeepers were selling the common reptiles - snakes, lizards, etc. but some more eccentric pets were also on sale. Some to note were the axolotl (Mexican salamanders, amphibians) and hamsters.

Conveniently, there were also many booths selling a variety of habitat and enclosure options for pets - from cages to terrariums.

Surprisingly there was a great number of booths selling miscellaneous items. This included toys, merchandise, paintings, and accessories. Usually they stick to the reptile theme but some strayed away - for example, one booth sold just homemade slime and squishies.

The event ran up to 6 pm and many left the event with new pets and happy hearts. One attendee had even said:

“It was a great time. They had a good selection beyond the typical snakes and lizards. And the merchandise promoting reptiles were also quite cute. However, I wish consigners were more open to letting prospect buyers handle the pets.”

The official date of the next convention in Las vegas has not been released as of writing this.

Toys for Tots

Written by: Zoe Gamboa

Rookie Reporter

Toys for Tots is a program ran by the United States Marine Corps Reserve which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. Their mission is to put smiles on the faces of less fortunate children who deserve to feel the joy of receiving gifts during the holidays.

For over 70 years, the Marine Corps has been making a difference in the lives of American families. Well-known people like Barack and Michelle Obama, Ellen Degeneres, and Melania Trump even contributed into making children feel the delight of Christmas.

Generous sponsors like Hallmark, Hasbro, and The Walt Disney Company have contributed at least one million in cash, or two million in toys.

Overall, this organization is truly amazing, giving hope to children during the holidays. And this has made a major, positive impact on America.


Election Season Coming to an End

Written by: Makanalei Kaeo


As many of you are aware, Election Day has just passed and we now have many new faces in office. As teens, a lot of you are pressured to start being politically aware of what’s happening.

The race for governor was between Steve Sisolak [Democrat] and Adam Laxalt [Republican]. Sisolak was a big proponent of strong education and funding public schools with the marijuana tax revenue Nevada takes in.

Laxalt on the other hand believed that everyone has a choice to go to either a private or public school, and he would ultimately fund private schools with the money Nevada gets from the marijuana tax.

Both have opposite views on healthcare and whether or not pre-existing conditions should get medicare. Sisolak was for giving healthcare to those with pre-existing conditions, unlike his republican opponent who supported cutting healthcare for those with pre-existing conditions. Ultimately, in the end, Steve Sisolak has become the new governor of Nevada.

Another critical race for Nevadans was the race for Senate. Jacky Rosen [D] and Dean Heller [R] were the candidates. Rosen supported Sisolak and healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions. Heller faltered with healthcare after his incident were he promised to not take away healthcare from Nevadans but ended up doing so anyways.

Rosen faces a lot of criticism for voting a lot like Nancy Pelosi, the California democratic representative. Nevadans are scared to end up like their neighbors, California. Both runners have their flaws but it seems like people trusted Jacky Rosen more than Dean Heller.

The Congressional Race in this district was closely watched. Danny Tarkanian [R] and Susie Lee [D] were the candidates.

Both faced harsh ads about them. Tarkanian called a con-man and Lee being named a rich, pretentious lady, who only has her interests in mind. Tarkanian shares similar views with President Trump. He believes in border reform, stopping illegal immigration, and bettering the economy. Lee is a strong advocate for gun safety and education. Susie Lee seemed to have had people believing in her more than her opponent.

These are the people who are now representing you. The next time mid-term elections come around, many of you will be able to vote. It is encouraged that you are aware and that you get out their and vote so you can have your voice heard!


A New 51's Stadium

Every since 1983, the Las Vegas 51’s have called Cashman Field home. Winning two league titles , and 10 division titles at Cashman. But as the years went by, Cashman Field got older, and was becoming out of date.

Rumors of a new ballpark began in 2016. The 51’s had their eyes set on one location: Downtown Summerlin. This would make them neighbors with the Vegas Golden Knights and have their practice facility right next door.

The 51’s have since broke ground on the new Ballpark that is scheduled to open in 2019. The 51’s will be given a new name after being a new affiliate of the Oakland Athletics.