The Editors

Myrnnda Miller

Written By: Makanalei Kaeo


When thinking of someone who works hard in everything they do, the first name that comes to my mind is Myrnnda Miller. Miller is a senior at Liberty High School who has done a lot in her three short years here.

Miller did not attend Liberty all 4 years, she transferred from New Jersey her sophomore year which is when I met her. We shared Pre-Ap English together and the rest was history. I didn’t realize that we had another class together, a class that we would share for the years to come, Journalism.

Even though she was new she managed to make friends quickly and move up fast. Just a few short weeks into journalism, Miller upgraded from a J1 (Rookie class) to J2. It was cool seeing her get promoted so quickly and made me want to work harder to be with her.

In her first year at Liberty she did a lot. She joined Paws for Change, applied for NHS, and was preparing to take 2 AP classes her next year. She was an overachiever to say the least.

Junior year was even more jam packed for her. Miller took AP Chemistry, AP Language, and got a job. With all that chaos she persevered and made it.

That brings us to now, her senior year. She is still taking college level classes and has her job. In fact she managed to get promoted at work and went from a regular worker to a supervisor. She is the youngest person to accomplish this. Another notch under her belt is she became Editor-in-Chief for the Liberty Tribune.

Miller wants to take on another job this summer and is planning to attend UNLV this coming fall. Due to all her accomplishments in her high school career Miller has received enough money from school grants and scholarships to pay for her tuition and make money back. It goes to show that hard work pays off.

She wants to become a Physician's Assistant and eventually get her MD and become a doctor. Big goals requires hard work and if anyone can pull it off, it’s her.

I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than her. I can’t wait to see her do great things with her life. Keep an eye out for the future Dr. Myrnnda Miller.

Makanalei Kaeo

Written By: Myrnnda Miller


Makanalei Kaeo: the best co-editor one could ever ask for. She is driven, hardworking, and is always willing to put her best foot forward.

Throughout Kaeo’s high school career, she has taken her studies very seriously, taking many AP and honors courses. This is evident by the fact that she will be graduating in white with an advanced honors diploma this upcoming month.

Kaeo’s greatest accomplishment thus far has to be the large strides we made together to improve the journalism program and The Tribune. For those readers who remember the days of a print copy of The Tribune, it was a great shock to find that we moved to an online platform.

I attribute our success in making this smooth transition to Kaeo; she worked tirelessly to complete every little detail before the day of our first publication.

Kaeo was especially amazing at dealing with the social media, technological, and advertising aspects of The Tribune, while I took over the responsibilities associated with the writing and overall quality of the articles we published.

Anyone within the journalism room could tell you we made the perfect team, balancing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. If I was unable to fulfill one of my responsibilities, I could rely on her to be right by my side and help. There is not a single other human being I would have wanted to be as my co-editor.                

Without her, The Tribune wouldn’t be where it is today. She was able to figure out how to make the website interactive, something that The Tribune could never really have been before. Her patients and attention to detail is admirable.

After her days at Liberty, Kaeo will be attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas alongside me. She plans on majoring in early education to become a teacher. There is no doubt she will do great things and use the skills she acquired within the journalism classroom to better future generations. After all, she is the best person I could have asked for, let alone co-editor.