Shaun Mabanta

Written By: Kaniya Toney

Staff Reporter

If you don't know who Shaun Mabanta (12) is you are about to be enlightened. This young man is not only a senior but a leader to his school, friend to many, and overall role model for all ages to look up to.

Mabanta is on our Executive Board as a Student Body Representative. Here is what he had to say about his experience in STUCO and at Liberty.

“I have been in student council for five years since eighth grade,” said Mabanta.

If you ask a kid in student council what made them want to join student council, they all have something in common.

“What made me want to join student council is to make the students have a better high school experience overall in there four years in high school. These four years go by so fast and I just want to make sure that these kids have the best experience,” said Mabanta.

Mabanta thanks student council for helping him become more close with people and helping him as a person.

“I definitely want to be more inclusive and I think student council helped me a lot with that through my four years and also there’s a lot of people in student council that inspire me to be better than I was yesterday,” said Mabanta.

Student Council is definitely something that can change your approach to school and life as a whole and Mabanta is a prime example.

“Before student council I was definitely a lot more timid and shy and I didn’t feel the need to speak up but after student council I realize that the need of my voice and opinion matters because it gives others a voice because I represent them,” said Mabanta.

Many are unable to see the hard work and commitment that goes behind student council. There is a lot of things that many students are not aware of and Mabanta wants people to know.

“Something I want people to know about student council is that we are not just the poster makers of the school, we plan your events and the assemblies. It’s all about creating a great school culture where you can meet new people and thrive with the four years you’re here in high school,” said Mabanta.

Mabanta is not only thriving in Student Council, but he was apart of our amazing DECA team this year accomplishing many things.

“My compliments from DECA are competing at the state and international level and placing state champs at the state level with my partner Omar Haneefzai (12),” said Mabanta.

Being a senior can be very stressful and exciting all in one. With coming dependent on yourself and exploring the world, it's a world of emotions.

“To be a senior definitely feels very nostalgic.These four years have been some of the best years of my life and as the last year of school it just brings back all the memories that i’ve made. The people I’ve met, experiences I’ve had, and just liberty is such a great school and I’m so thankful to be part of the patriot family,” said Mabaunta.

Shaun Mabanta is a role model to us all. Student Council, DECA, friends, and all of Liberty High School will miss you, your kindness, and energy.

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