Roy Margallo

Written By: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter

Roy Margallo (12), an 18 year old senior at Liberty High School is one of the top students academically. Throughout his four years at the school, his biggest goal was to get straight A’s. Possibly many students dream to do this but end up giving up halfway through their freshman year. What makes Margallo different from the rest?

He’s different from other high schoolers since he’s able to discipline himself and put the time and effort into his work that students may not do. Now this does not mean that he had everything down and went his four years without any stress.

Margallo source of happiness is his dog. Kramer’s antics and his warm personality always put a smile on his face.

“I want to thank my dog Kramer because he’s the reason I’m not overflowing with stress,” stated Margallo.

Though being less stressed than others, he was able to manage his time accordingly to how he would feel about it the next day.  

“What do I need to do today so I won’t hate myself tomorrow?” Margallo would think to himself so he would be able to get his work done.

Margallo, even though is great scholastically, school and grades aren’t what he always focused his time on. He is also involved with Varsity Quiz, which would test him on how well he knows certain topics from pop culture to even cultures.

In Quiz, he’s ranked 71st in the nation which is something to be proud of. This kid knows a lot and is even showing the United States what he’s all about.

“He’s always persuaded knowledge for the sake of knowledge but I’ve seen him take that and grow into a much more balanced person,” stated David Fisher (Quiz Coach) about how Margallo has developed as a person over the years.

This is his last year at Liberty and it’s soon coming to a close. Though he’s not gonna let that get to him by spending time with his friends, taking lots of naps, reminiscing about old memories, and finish it off by watching Game of Thrones.

Margallo is expected to go to UNLV for college and he plans to study in business and economics. He also wants to join the Quiz team if one forms.

He also wants to join DECA since he joined this year and even got first place on his principles of finance exam.

After college, Margallo wants to work for a finance or investment company. This will allow him to gain experience in the business for his ultimate goal of wanting to start his own business.

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