Mary-Olivia Abigail Johnson

Written By: Alyssa Manterola

Staff Reporter

Mary-Olivia Abigail Johnson (12) has played on Liberty Women's Volleyball varsity team all four years. This 2018-2019 volleyball season was her last.

Johnson plays volleyball because it is competitive, fun, healthy, and it relies on teamwork. Johnson always loved having a team who always works together and supports each other. She’s been playing volleyball for over seven years from youth league, high school, and national club teams.

Johnson got offers from several community colleges on the Pacific Coast to play volleyball for their teams, but she respectfully turned down their offers because they lacked what she really wanted to get out of her college experience.

“I will be going to Oregon University in Eugene, Oregon,” said Johnson.

Johnson went on a campus tour before she answered to their acceptance letter.
“I immediately fell in love with the area and campus,” said Johnson.

“It’s honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.”

Johnson is both scared and excited to be leaving for college in just a few short months.

“It’s scary to think about how fast I'm going to have to adapt to adulthood and being on my own when I've had so much support from home,” said Johnson.

For Johnson, everything is going to be new, from making new friends to taking new classes and making new memories in college. She will be greatly missed by everyone she is leaving behind in high school.