Maile Callorina

Written By: Zoe Gamboa

Staff Reporter

Liberty High School Maile Callorina (12),  shares how student council changed her high school journey. She has been in student council all four years of high school and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s been life changing! Student council has exposed me to so many opportunities - not only to help other people, but to grow myself as a stronger leader and person, too. It’s taught me how to take initiative when no one else will,” said Student Body First Vice President, Callorina.

As Callorina’s time at Liberty ceases, her legacy and attributions into the school will carry on. Callorina’s hard work and dedication never goes unnoticed.

“Student council has given me everlasting friendships, life lessons, and too many memories to count. It’s help me realize the legacy I want to leave at Liberty, and I plan on doing just that after we graduate in a few weeks!” said Callorina.

Callorina’s favorite part of being a part of student council are the spirit weeks. “It’s so cool to see everything come together [...] Just being able to promote a healthy school culture and seeing that actually happen is the best part. It warms my heart when people tell me they enjoyed an event that student council hosted,” said Callorina.

Callorina also acquired lots of amazing memories with her peers in student council. “One of my favorite memories is the student council retreat we had over the summer when we went to Mount Charleston. It was a great bonding experience with so many laughs and new friendly faces,” said Callorina.

Her impeccable role model capabilities along with her bubbly and cordial personality, will truly be missed and definitely will leave a mark here at Liberty. After all, she is the “Stuco girl!”