Jerwin Tiu

Written By: Ann-Marie Kotch

Staff Reporter

“I  hope that through this year I have set an example of living in the moment and enjoying each day; I want everyone to have learned kindness and humility from me during my tenure as president,” said Student Body President Jerwin Tiu (12).

As his time at Liberty comes to a close, his legacy as an outstanding and memorable student body president will live on. Tiu has worked endlessly to be a positive role model in the lives of everyone he surrounds himself with, and his efforts have left an impact.

“I also feel as though I’ve contributed a lot to the service of my Student Council and have made my time worthwhile by leaving a mark on the students I’ve lead, and overall trying to help the council as a whole evolve into something better each day,” said Tiu.

His work towards building a stronger council daily will live on in future generations because he has shaped leaders to follow in his footsteps. Tiu has gone out of his way to build more personal connections between every member, which pays off when it comes to a strong future for Liberty.

Like for any senior, leaving is really hard, especially after all the amazing memories. Tiu shares that his best memories are left with all of the students and adults of Liberty High School.

“I have never been somewhere that is so filled with love and compassion for one another. It truly warms my heart and I’m sad that I will have to see it go,” said Tiu.

Tiu adds, “I’ll miss just about every aspect of Liberty High School.”