Dylan Jones

Written By: Carmelo Gullotta

Staff Reporter

Dylan Jones (12) had the ideal high school career here at Liberty. The senior accomplished many things but is on his way to bigger and better journeys.

Coming from Steve Schorr Elementary School and Del Webb Middle School, Dylan Jones completed great courses in high school. He finished two AP courses as well as  many honors ones.

“My greatest academic accomplishment is the sum of it all, graduating in advanced honors,” said Jones.

Dylan is a four year letterman earner for soccer at Liberty. He has been part of our varsity squad since 2014 and will be ending his career with 11 goals and 7 assists.

“Overall, my best achievement is being part of varsity soccer for all four years. The whole varsity team has influenced me the most and I will never forget what high school soccer has done for me,” said Jones.

Although Jones is moving onto better things, he will miss high school. He had been associated with the same friends all four years thanks to soccer.

“I will miss all my friends along with playing high school soccer and just having fun the most. Unforgettable memories were made here,” said Jones.

“Waking up at six in the morning and dealing with school at the same the time is something I will not miss,” said Jones.

The senior athlete will be attending Benedictine University Mesa in Arizona to play soccer. He committed late February and secured his spot on their varsity squad as well.

Benedictine’s previous seasons record finished at 10-6. They brought in a very versatile player in hopes to dominate their opposing teams next season.

“I am most excited to go to Benedictine College in Arizona and playing soccer there,” said Jones.

After all his college classes and total of 16 years of education, he has high hopes for his future. With the drive to become successful and wealthy, he wants to enter the pre-medical fields.

“I am planning to enter pre-med after my four years of college and become a plastic surgeon,” said Jones.

Dylan Jones is proudly graduating and finishing his Las Vegas education as part of class of 2019. He is excited to begin his future in Arizona and has high standards for himself.