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Myrnnda Miller

Written By: Makanalei Kaeo


When thinking of someone who works hard in everything they do, the first name that comes to my mind is Myrnnda Miller. Miller is a senior at Liberty High School who has done a lot in her three short years here.

Miller did not attend Liberty all 4 years, she transferred from New Jersey her sophomore year which is when I met her. We shared Pre-Ap English together and the rest was history. I didn’t realize that we had another class together, a class that we would share for the years to come, Journalism.

Even though she was new she managed to make friends quickly and move up fast. Just a few short weeks into journalism, Miller upgraded from a J1 (Rookie class) to J2. It was cool seeing her get promoted so quickly and made me want to work harder to be with her.

In her first year at Liberty she did a lot. She joined Paws for Change, applied for NHS, and was preparing to take 2 AP classes her next year. She was an overachiever to say the least.

Junior year was even more jam packed for her. Miller took AP Chemistry, AP Language, and got a job. With all that chaos she persevered and made it.

That brings us to now, her senior year. She is still taking college level classes and has her job. In fact she managed to get promoted at work and went from a regular worker to a supervisor. She is the youngest person to accomplish this. Another notch under her belt is she became Editor-in-Chief for the Liberty Tribune.

Miller wants to take on another job this summer and is planning to attend UNLV this coming fall. Due to all her accomplishments in her high school career Miller has received enough money from school grants and scholarships to pay for her tuition and make money back. It goes to show that hard work pays off.

She wants to become a Physician's Assistant and eventually get her MD and become a doctor. Big goals requires hard work and if anyone can pull it off, it’s her.

I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than her. I can’t wait to see her do great things with her life. Keep an eye out for the future Dr. Myrnnda Miller.

Makanalei Kaeo

Written By: Myrnnda Miller


Makanalei Kaeo: the best co-editor one could ever ask for. She is driven, hardworking, and is always willing to put her best foot forward.

Throughout Kaeo’s high school career, she has taken her studies very seriously, taking many AP and honors courses. This is evident by the fact that she will be graduating in white with an advanced honors diploma this upcoming month.

Kaeo’s greatest accomplishment thus far has to be the large strides we made together to improve the journalism program and The Tribune. For those readers who remember the days of a print copy of The Tribune, it was a great shock to find that we moved to an online platform.

I attribute our success in making this smooth transition to Kaeo; she worked tirelessly to complete every little detail before the day of our first publication.

Kaeo was especially amazing at dealing with the social media, technological, and advertising aspects of The Tribune, while I took over the responsibilities associated with the writing and overall quality of the articles we published.

Anyone within the journalism room could tell you we made the perfect team, balancing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. If I was unable to fulfill one of my responsibilities, I could rely on her to be right by my side and help. There is not a single other human being I would have wanted to be as my co-editor.                

Without her, The Tribune wouldn’t be where it is today. She was able to figure out how to make the website interactive, something that The Tribune could never really have been before. Her patients and attention to detail is admirable.

After her days at Liberty, Kaeo will be attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas alongside me. She plans on majoring in early education to become a teacher. There is no doubt she will do great things and use the skills she acquired within the journalism classroom to better future generations. After all, she is the best person I could have asked for, let alone co-editor.


Shaun Mabanta

Written By: Kaniya Toney

Staff Reporter

If you don't know who Shaun Mabanta (12) is you are about to be enlightened. This young man is not only a senior but a leader to his school, friend to many, and overall role model for all ages to look up to.

Mabanta is on our Executive Board as a Student Body Representative. Here is what he had to say about his experience in STUCO and at Liberty.

“I have been in student council for five years since eighth grade,” said Mabanta.

If you ask a kid in student council what made them want to join student council, they all have something in common.

“What made me want to join student council is to make the students have a better high school experience overall in there four years in high school. These four years go by so fast and I just want to make sure that these kids have the best experience,” said Mabanta.

Mabanta thanks student council for helping him become more close with people and helping him as a person.

“I definitely want to be more inclusive and I think student council helped me a lot with that through my four years and also there’s a lot of people in student council that inspire me to be better than I was yesterday,” said Mabanta.

Student Council is definitely something that can change your approach to school and life as a whole and Mabanta is a prime example.

“Before student council I was definitely a lot more timid and shy and I didn’t feel the need to speak up but after student council I realize that the need of my voice and opinion matters because it gives others a voice because I represent them,” said Mabanta.

Many are unable to see the hard work and commitment that goes behind student council. There is a lot of things that many students are not aware of and Mabanta wants people to know.

“Something I want people to know about student council is that we are not just the poster makers of the school, we plan your events and the assemblies. It’s all about creating a great school culture where you can meet new people and thrive with the four years you’re here in high school,” said Mabanta.

Mabanta is not only thriving in Student Council, but he was apart of our amazing DECA team this year accomplishing many things.

“My compliments from DECA are competing at the state and international level and placing state champs at the state level with my partner Omar Haneefzai (12),” said Mabanta.

Being a senior can be very stressful and exciting all in one. With coming dependent on yourself and exploring the world, it's a world of emotions.

“To be a senior definitely feels very nostalgic.These four years have been some of the best years of my life and as the last year of school it just brings back all the memories that i’ve made. The people I’ve met, experiences I’ve had, and just liberty is such a great school and I’m so thankful to be part of the patriot family,” said Mabaunta.

Shaun Mabanta is a role model to us all. Student Council, DECA, friends, and all of Liberty High School will miss you, your kindness, and energy.

Shaun Mabanta.jpeg

Mary-Olivia Abigail Johnson

Written By: Alyssa Manterola

Staff Reporter

Mary-Olivia Abigail Johnson (12) has played on Liberty Women's Volleyball varsity team all four years. This 2018-2019 volleyball season was her last.

Johnson plays volleyball because it is competitive, fun, healthy, and it relies on teamwork. Johnson always loved having a team who always works together and supports each other. She’s been playing volleyball for over seven years from youth league, high school, and national club teams.

Johnson got offers from several community colleges on the Pacific Coast to play volleyball for their teams, but she respectfully turned down their offers because they lacked what she really wanted to get out of her college experience.

“I will be going to Oregon University in Eugene, Oregon,” said Johnson.

Johnson went on a campus tour before she answered to their acceptance letter.
“I immediately fell in love with the area and campus,” said Johnson.

“It’s honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.”

Johnson is both scared and excited to be leaving for college in just a few short months.

“It’s scary to think about how fast I'm going to have to adapt to adulthood and being on my own when I've had so much support from home,” said Johnson.

For Johnson, everything is going to be new, from making new friends to taking new classes and making new memories in college. She will be greatly missed by everyone she is leaving behind in high school.


Jerwin Tiu

Written By: Ann-Marie Kotch

Staff Reporter

“I  hope that through this year I have set an example of living in the moment and enjoying each day; I want everyone to have learned kindness and humility from me during my tenure as president,” said Student Body President Jerwin Tiu (12).

As his time at Liberty comes to a close, his legacy as an outstanding and memorable student body president will live on. Tiu has worked endlessly to be a positive role model in the lives of everyone he surrounds himself with, and his efforts have left an impact.

“I also feel as though I’ve contributed a lot to the service of my Student Council and have made my time worthwhile by leaving a mark on the students I’ve lead, and overall trying to help the council as a whole evolve into something better each day,” said Tiu.

His work towards building a stronger council daily will live on in future generations because he has shaped leaders to follow in his footsteps. Tiu has gone out of his way to build more personal connections between every member, which pays off when it comes to a strong future for Liberty.

Like for any senior, leaving is really hard, especially after all the amazing memories. Tiu shares that his best memories are left with all of the students and adults of Liberty High School.

“I have never been somewhere that is so filled with love and compassion for one another. It truly warms my heart and I’m sad that I will have to see it go,” said Tiu.

Tiu adds, “I’ll miss just about every aspect of Liberty High School.”


Maile Callorina

Written By: Zoe Gamboa

Staff Reporter

Liberty High School Maile Callorina (12),  shares how student council changed her high school journey. She has been in student council all four years of high school and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s been life changing! Student council has exposed me to so many opportunities - not only to help other people, but to grow myself as a stronger leader and person, too. It’s taught me how to take initiative when no one else will,” said Student Body First Vice President, Callorina.

As Callorina’s time at Liberty ceases, her legacy and attributions into the school will carry on. Callorina’s hard work and dedication never goes unnoticed.

“Student council has given me everlasting friendships, life lessons, and too many memories to count. It’s help me realize the legacy I want to leave at Liberty, and I plan on doing just that after we graduate in a few weeks!” said Callorina.

Callorina’s favorite part of being a part of student council are the spirit weeks. “It’s so cool to see everything come together [...] Just being able to promote a healthy school culture and seeing that actually happen is the best part. It warms my heart when people tell me they enjoyed an event that student council hosted,” said Callorina.

Callorina also acquired lots of amazing memories with her peers in student council. “One of my favorite memories is the student council retreat we had over the summer when we went to Mount Charleston. It was a great bonding experience with so many laughs and new friendly faces,” said Callorina.

Her impeccable role model capabilities along with her bubbly and cordial personality, will truly be missed and definitely will leave a mark here at Liberty. After all, she is the “Stuco girl!”

Zach Ragu

Written By: Joseph Gallegos

Staff Reporter

Zach Ragu, is beloved by his track teammates. Doing four  years of distance he has built close relationships with many of his teammates.

“He’s the ideal friend & teammate. He’ll always make you laugh too,” William Hennum (11) says.

Zach was a great runner on the track as well,  running a 5:30 mile. He was also always pushing his teammates and giving them that extra boost of confidence.

“He’s definitely somebody I’m going to miss next year,” said Shawn Rosales (11).

After the Track season just wrapping up & him being only weeks away from graduating.

“I’m excited for the future, and will always be grateful of his time at Liberty,” said Ragu.

Dylan Jones

Written By: Carmelo Gullotta

Staff Reporter

Dylan Jones (12) had the ideal high school career here at Liberty. The senior accomplished many things but is on his way to bigger and better journeys.

Coming from Steve Schorr Elementary School and Del Webb Middle School, Dylan Jones completed great courses in high school. He finished two AP courses as well as  many honors ones.

“My greatest academic accomplishment is the sum of it all, graduating in advanced honors,” said Jones.

Dylan is a four year letterman earner for soccer at Liberty. He has been part of our varsity squad since 2014 and will be ending his career with 11 goals and 7 assists.

“Overall, my best achievement is being part of varsity soccer for all four years. The whole varsity team has influenced me the most and I will never forget what high school soccer has done for me,” said Jones.

Although Jones is moving onto better things, he will miss high school. He had been associated with the same friends all four years thanks to soccer.

“I will miss all my friends along with playing high school soccer and just having fun the most. Unforgettable memories were made here,” said Jones.

“Waking up at six in the morning and dealing with school at the same the time is something I will not miss,” said Jones.

The senior athlete will be attending Benedictine University Mesa in Arizona to play soccer. He committed late February and secured his spot on their varsity squad as well.

Benedictine’s previous seasons record finished at 10-6. They brought in a very versatile player in hopes to dominate their opposing teams next season.

“I am most excited to go to Benedictine College in Arizona and playing soccer there,” said Jones.

After all his college classes and total of 16 years of education, he has high hopes for his future. With the drive to become successful and wealthy, he wants to enter the pre-medical fields.

“I am planning to enter pre-med after my four years of college and become a plastic surgeon,” said Jones.

Dylan Jones is proudly graduating and finishing his Las Vegas education as part of class of 2019. He is excited to begin his future in Arizona and has high standards for himself.

Roy Margallo

Written By: Jean Hernandez

Staff Reporter

Roy Margallo (12), an 18 year old senior at Liberty High School is one of the top students academically. Throughout his four years at the school, his biggest goal was to get straight A’s. Possibly many students dream to do this but end up giving up halfway through their freshman year. What makes Margallo different from the rest?

He’s different from other high schoolers since he’s able to discipline himself and put the time and effort into his work that students may not do. Now this does not mean that he had everything down and went his four years without any stress.

Margallo source of happiness is his dog. Kramer’s antics and his warm personality always put a smile on his face.

“I want to thank my dog Kramer because he’s the reason I’m not overflowing with stress,” stated Margallo.

Though being less stressed than others, he was able to manage his time accordingly to how he would feel about it the next day.  

“What do I need to do today so I won’t hate myself tomorrow?” Margallo would think to himself so he would be able to get his work done.

Margallo, even though is great scholastically, school and grades aren’t what he always focused his time on. He is also involved with Varsity Quiz, which would test him on how well he knows certain topics from pop culture to even cultures.

In Quiz, he’s ranked 71st in the nation which is something to be proud of. This kid knows a lot and is even showing the United States what he’s all about.

“He’s always persuaded knowledge for the sake of knowledge but I’ve seen him take that and grow into a much more balanced person,” stated David Fisher (Quiz Coach) about how Margallo has developed as a person over the years.

This is his last year at Liberty and it’s soon coming to a close. Though he’s not gonna let that get to him by spending time with his friends, taking lots of naps, reminiscing about old memories, and finish it off by watching Game of Thrones.

Margallo is expected to go to UNLV for college and he plans to study in business and economics. He also wants to join the Quiz team if one forms.

He also wants to join DECA since he joined this year and even got first place on his principles of finance exam.

After college, Margallo wants to work for a finance or investment company. This will allow him to gain experience in the business for his ultimate goal of wanting to start his own business.

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