Club Spotlight: Yearbook

Written By: Ann-Marie Kotch

Staff Reporter

“Yearbook isn´t just an elective. We have to put in a lot of hard work in order for everyone to enjoy the yearbook,” said Tara Dawn Esguerra (10).

Anybody who has any connection to the production of the yearbook can agree with Esguerra, it is a lot of hard work. Like every year, they are working this hard towards something really special for the students. This year’s main editor is working to make this year far better than any other.

¨Being the main editor this year has been crazy, me and my co editor had put in so much work on it it’s unbelievable,¨ said Breanna Biorato (12).

Biorato has put her ideas into action for the upcoming yearbook, and it definitely is something special.  She is keeping it a secret between yearbook staff members only.

When asked what to expect in the upcoming yearbook, staff members explained: “This upcoming yearbook is actually a surprise this year and people should keep a lookout for it,” said Lyndsey Cayamand (10).

¨Students should definitely look forward to something very different and helps capture the moments at liberty, but right now it's a secret,¨ said Tara (10).

This year’s yearbook should be well worth the wait and excitement, so stay tuned for updates. There will be a highly recommended yearbook signing party held where these secrets will be unveiled.