Edgar Hernandez takes on Prom

Madison Jones

Staff Reporter

Prom is a magical time for many high schoolers involved. This year prom at Liberty High School was special for one reason: love.

          Edgar Hernandez (12) is a student currently enrolled in Liberty High School, and is a student many have seen walking around. He is a very kind character, and has learned a lot since being in the programs here. It was very touching for his parents and teachers alike when selfless member of the student body, Shaun Mabanta (12), stepped down from prom court for Mr. Hernandez.

           Following the announcement of prom court, there were many people campaigning for Edgar to win Prom King. The student body collectively had their hearts opened and voted so zealously. Edgar won by a huge landslide. He was in tears as the crowd at the prom dance chanted his name as the crown was placed on his head. He soon took the Prom Queen out onto the dance floor and had a night to remember as the flashlights of phones showered them.

            This story has reached national news, being heartwarming and reminding that love and humility still exist in this world. Thank you, everyone involved, for giving us this reminder and giving such a kind soul something to remember for years to come.