Welcome Back Assembly

Written by: Makanalei Kaeo


       Another year, another Welcome Back Assembly for Liberty High School. Nothing much has changed from the previous years. Of course we had our interactive MC's who kept the crowd alive, all our fall sports came out to introduce themselves, and seniors took home yet another win for roll call making it their 15th consecutive win.

       As always cheer and dance had the crowd on their feet and screaming. Their stringent choreography never ceases to leave the audience in awe. The flexibility and creativity shined through and it was obvious.

       In the teacher vs. student game of basketball, the teachers were forced to take the L and hold it. Even though majority of the crowd were rooting for the students to win, there were still some holding out hope for the staff.

       It wouldn't be a Liberty Assembly without some good old fashion games. Members from the fall sports team battled to see who was truly superior. The bean bag race started off bad for the football team when one of them fell, but they picked back up and came back to win the game.

        All in all although some things never change the hype and enthusiasm of the crowd remains the same.