Senior Sunrise

Written by: Myrnnda miller



Waking up before the sun rises isn’t always ideal for those who, on only the first week of school, have a bad case of senioritis. Most just want to roll out of bed ten minutes before the first bell rings and drag their reluctant body to their desk. For some unknown reason, Liberty likes to kick off a student’s senior year with the annual Senior Sunrise.

       Characterized by coming together to watch the sunrise on the home stands on the Freedom Field, Senior Sunrise was held on August 17th. General gathering began at 5 a.m. and the seniors, decorated in their finest DIY crowns, were let onto the field at about half an hour after that.   

       Prior to the event, every senior is given a crown in their government class provided by Burger King to decorate however they may please. As far as the eye could see crowns were decorated to represent clubs, teams, family traditions, and stylistic preferences. Feathers, flowers, and glitter adorned the heads of everyone within eyesight.