Summer Plans

Designed By: Myrnnda Miller


I went on a cruise to Bermuda and it was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been,
— Jordan Peters (12)
I went to Wisconsin in the beginning of summer. In Wisconsin I visited family and in Wyoming I had friends up and we went ATV-ing a lot of the time.
— Anna Pfarrer (10)
This summer I went to church camp and had literally the best week of my life!! We kayaked, went on zipline, lots of hiking, worshipped god, met cool people from other churches, hung out at a bonfire on the beach, and met lots of cute girls!
— Quinn Wagner (12)
I went to Texas to visit a lot of family and go to my sister’s graduation party. Then I went to pole vault camp and then I hung out with Torri the rest of the summer.
— Alyssa Carson (10)
I went to some parties, I went to Disneyland, and I had a staycation on the strip.
— Callie Addleman (11)
I traveled to New York City (as well as other cities in the state), Massachusetts, Connecticut, Lake Powell (lake in Utah/Arizona), attended girl’s camp, beach trip to Oceanside, CA, another church camp in Provo, Utah, and just hung out with friends here in Vegas.
— Sydney James (11)