Study Tips

Written by: Christa Smith

Staff Reporter

Finals week is on the horizon and many of us are already admitting defeat at just hearing our teachers talk about preparing. A lot of students are already procrastinating, retreating to their go-to Netflix show for solace. Maybe others instead are already frantically moving about their room, cycling through their dense collection of Quizlet sets, only taking breaks to go to the bathroom.

However, what both of these extremes don’t realize is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Studying well while also maintaining your mental and physical health in these pressured times is definitely achievable. It’s all in the work ethic and mind set. Consider the following as your cheat sheet in developing a work ethic and mindset that will push you through exam season.

In terms of tackling the work, the best tip, is taking full advantage of good time management. Set up extra hours for studying during your free time. Create a timed schedule to go by during the week that will ensure you to get some study time in despite all the demands of life. Incorporate timed studying techniques like pomodoro for even more efficient productivity.

This type of disciplined organization should also bleed into how you organize your work and work space. Settle on one note writing system, and include helpful visual elements like pens and highlighters. Keep the study area clean and undisturbed. Try to study in a quiet place where the space is organized and make sure that all your study supplies are within your reach in their designated spots.

Maybe you don’t work well in such a quiet environment? Maybe you work best in team setting. In that case, consider forming a study groups with friends. Consider attending school organized review sessions, as well. Also, taking the initiative to communicate well with your teachers can aid you in your studies. Don’t be afraid to approach your teacher with questions about concepts you have difficulty understanding, the material of the test, and maybe for one-on-one review review sessions.

Other tips include familiarizing yourself with the material often, briefly reading through your notes before you tuck in for the night. Divide the study material into manageable chunks over the course of the weeks.

Another important (but mostly forgotten) aspect of exam season culture is our mental and physical wellbeing. Make sure to get in the daily eight glasses of water, the eight to ten hours of sleep, and three filling meals. All of these tips will help you function well enough to get through the weeks in decent shape. And of course, don’t forget to take breaks and treat yourself after hours of hard effort to keep the motivation alive.

While following through with all these tips won’t guarantee you perfect scores on your exams, it can guarantee a smoother and stress reduced run through the park.