Hayden Prasad

Written By: CJ Gullotta

Rookie Reporter

Hayden Prasad (12) has recently committed to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on an athletic scholarship from soccer. The Liberty senior will be playing for their division one varsity squad as a freshman.

On November 15th, 2018, UNLV seized his signature before any other division one college could. On the field for Liberty, Prasad tends to play any to all positions. His very versatile skill set is an extreme advantage over any opposition, making him one of the biggest attractions for colleges.

“I feel good, it’s hard for a club player to go D1 but I’m real happy, especially staying home, all my family can watch my games… UNLV was my number one choice. I wanted to stay home so my family could watch all my games,” said Prasad.

His senior year, Prasad netted 19 goals and assisted 11 more, adding to his total Liberty career with 37 goals and 29 assists. His great contribution to the team helped Liberty place third, one of the highest places they have ever reached. He also won the award Offensive Player of the Year for the Class 4A Desert League.

“I wanted more, the past 3 seasons I wanted to do what the previous seniors couldn’t. I wanted to be Liberty’s best, so I put extra effort in everything we did,” said Prasad.

Outside of Liberty, Prasad plays for the club, LVSA ‘01 Boys Red. They travel from state to state dominating every 2001 male team in the nation. For his club team, he tends to control the attack, but plays every position to spread his talent around.

“My family motivates me, they’ve put a lot into my soccer and I don’t want it to go to waste. Also personally I just don’t like being second best. I always try to be the best wherever I’m at,” said Prasad.

The UNLV commit influences many people, and he continues to stun people inside and outside of Liberty. He motivates his teammates and crushes his opponents hopes. He influences many people including Angle Gilliand (12).

“On the pitch he is one of the boys that I see as a leader and he would always tell me that it was him and I that could change games, and it was a huge confidence booster on the pitch…  As a player the kid is only 17, and he is one of the best I know. He is so calm and composed on the ball. He has so much potential and I would not doubt to see him playing pro in upcoming years,” said Gilliand.

The soon to be Liberty graduate, Prasad, contains potential like no other, and has more skill than any other high school player in the region. Soon he will be providing his talent to UNLV men's varsity soccer team, a Division 1 squad.

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